Incident Logs

Entries for February 1999

Feb 28
St. Clair, IL: A major fire broke out in a local factory and warehouse. More information

Feb 26
Saint-Pie, Quebec: One worker was killed and eight injured in an explosion at a small fireworks factory. A fire following the blast destroyed the factory building. More information

Feb 26
Daggett, CA: A 900,000-gallon storage tank containing hydraulic fluid located at a solar power plant exploded. No injuries were reported. More information

Feb 26
West Whiteland, PA: An explosion involving chemicals injured two workers at a local plant. More information

Feb 26
Southfield, MI: A utility worker suffered burns when a power surge unexpectedly charged an underground cable. The accident resulted in a small power blackout. More information

Feb 26
Arlington, TX: Firefighters rescued a construction worker buried under hundreds of pounds of dirt and clay at the bottom of a 30-foot hole. The worker was outside a trench safety box when loose shale knocked him down. More information

Feb 26
North Bonneville, WA: A natural gas pipeline exploded, causing a spectacular fire ball but no extensive damage on the ground. More information

Feb 25
Springfield, MA: An explosion at a metal foundry blew out two cinder block walls and hurled debris as much as 80 yards. At least 12 people were hurt, some of them with serious burns. One of the injured later died. More information

Feb 25
Grand Rapids, MI: A 30-foot fall at a chair plant left one worker paralyzed from a severe neck injury. A hook from an overhead conveyor belt snagged a hydraulic work platform, pulling it over. More information

Feb 25
Houston, TX: A three-alarm fire triggered dozens of small explosions at a chemical plant. One person was injured. More information

Feb 24
Martinez, CA: Fourth workers died as the result of an explosion of an oil refinery tower. A maintenance crew in place on the 100-foot tower were trying to repair a pipe that was leaking naphtha. Survivors were left stranded above ground for nearly two hours. More information

Feb 24
Lemont, IN: A worker was listed in critical condition after being sprayed with hot oil during a fire in the crude oil unit of a local refinery. The worker had to be evacuated by helicopter. More information

Feb 24
Broward County, FL: A three-alarm fire spread through a transformer at a 850-megawatt municipal power plant. No power outages were reported. More information

Feb 24
Edmonton, Alberta: In a freak accident, a worker at a metal salvage company died after being caught on a conveyor belt and strangled by his own coveralls. More information

Feb 24
Manitowoc, WI: A sulfuric acid spill shut down an auto parts plant for nearly four hours and sent several employees to the hospital with breathing problems. More information

Feb 23
Franklin, OH: One worker was seriously injured in an explosion at a paper company that was followed by a chemical release into the air. About nine hours later an unrelated fire broke out on the roof of the plant. More information

Feb 23
Crestwood, IL: Two workers were injured when a cylinder of pressurized air exploded at a machine shop in an industrial park. More information

Feb 23
Wapda, Pakistan: A fire broke out in a transformer at a power plant, injuring three workers. More information

Feb 23
New York, N.Y.: Firefighters battling heavy smoke in a one-story factory building reported problems with the buildings roll down security doors. More information

Feb 23
Rockland, MA: Fire broke out in the finishing room of a one-story factory. More information

Feb 23
Lufkin, TX: A plant producing plywood burned in a massive fire. More information

Feb 23
Whiting, IN: About 51,000 pounds of light coker gas oil sprayed from a refinery, prompting the owners to hand out free car-wash vouchers to people whose vehicles were splattered. More information

Feb 23
Manteca, CA: Firefighters dealt with a 20-foot-wide nitric acid spill that closed a busy street. No evidence of who spilled the acid was found. More information

Feb 22
Talladega, AL: One worker was killed and a customer later died from injuries suffered in an explosion at a bottled propane company. Leaking gas was detected only moments before the blast. More information

Feb 22
North Island, New Zealand: A transformer explosion and fire idled a 250-megawatt unit of a thermal power station without warning. No workers were injured in the blast. More information

Feb 20
Allentown, PA: Five workers were killed in an explosion that leveled a chemical processing plant. The blast unleashed a vapor cloud that drifted over nearby residential areas. More information

Feb 20
Gdansk, Poland: Eleven shipyard workers were injured in an explosion aboard a tanker that was under repair. Two of the injured workers were hospitalized in serious condition. More information

Feb 20
Bridgeville, DE: Six workers were overcome by carbon monoxide fumes at a packaging plant. All were treated and released. More information

Feb 19
Saint Hubert, Quebec: A construction site was demolished when a propane tank in the new buildings basement exploded. The tank was being filled at the time of the blast. More information

Feb 19
Neptune, N.J.: Construction workers putting in a new sewer line struck a gas line, causing an explosion that sent flames soaring 50 feet into the air. More information

Feb 19
Teeside, U.K.: Via a storm drain, hydrochloric acid leaked from a factory into a marsh that was recently granted environmentally protected status. Officials are closely monitoring acidity levels in the water. More information

Feb 19
Torrington, CN: A tanker truck rollover spilled 1,900 gallons of heating oil, some of it reaching the Naugatuck River. Firefighters managed to contain much of the oil before it reached the water. More information

Feb 19
Sussex County, DE: Gas detectors at a local plant located a carbon dioxide leak. Responders found two casualties, one unconscious and the other having seizures. More information

Feb 19
Perth, Australia: Teenage employees using a cigarette lighter to ignite the stream of paint from a spray device are blamed for a furniture factory fire that caused more than $1 million in damage. More information

Feb 19
Thessaloniki, Greece: One worker was seriously injured in a fire at a petroleum refinery. The flames were quickly extinguished before they could spread to nearly storage tanks. More information

Feb 18
Santa Clarita, CA: A worker at a factory that manufactures small charges used in automobile airbags was killed instantly in a chemical explosion. He was transferring cans of zirconium potassium perchlorate when one fell, detonating itself and other nearby containers. More information

Feb 18
Frankfurt, Germany: Nearly 40 workers at a chemical plant suffered minor injuries when almost two tons of mixed chemicals which included propin acid ethyl ester spilled. Most of the workers were treated for eye irritation on site. More information

Feb 18
Clymers, IN: A rail car carrying toluene diisocyanate exploded just outside a cement plant, prompting an evacuation of the surrounding town for a three-mile radius. Firefighters managed to keep the flames from spreading to other rail cars and storage tanks. More information

Feb 17
Kansas City, KS: An 11-story boiler building at a municipal power plant exploded and collapsed. Only one employee was slightly injured. Six days later a five broke out in a coal dust collector in one of the damaged buildings. More information

Feb 17
Pawtucket, R.I.: A dumpster fire spread to the loading dock of a local factory but was quickly contained by firefighters. The dumpster fire was one of three reported in the neighborhood that evening. More information

Feb 17
Waco, TX: A large tire on a piece of heavy earth-moving equipment exploded with sufficient force to sever the arm of a nearby worker. The worker also suffered severe chest injuries. More information

Feb 17
Droitwich, U.K.: Authorities faced a major clean-up when a truck carrying more than 4,000 gallons of methylene phosphoric acid overturned. Only a small amount of the acid, sealed in drums, escaped, but traffic along a major motorway was shut down for nearly four hours. More information

Feb 17
London, U.K.: Production ceased at a chemical printing plant when a blaze broke out in a mixing vat. More information

Feb 17
Thame, U.K.: Fire authorities suspect arson in a five-hour factory fire. The fire spread from an outdoor waste bin. Firefighters were concerned about the fire reaching explosive gases stored at the plant. More information

Feb 16
Hornby, New Zealand: Fire broke out in a sulfur melting pit at a fertilizer plant, sending at least 12 workers to the hospital with breathing problems. Other workers were treated at the scene for exposure to sulfur dioxide. More information

Feb 16
Nelson, U.K.: Fire broke through the roof of a auto salvage company that adjoins a steel mill. The fire spread from parts being moved by forklift inside the plant. More information

Feb 16
Kingsport, TN: A flash fire at a pulp and paper mill left two workers hospitalized with burns. Vapors inside a storage tank were reportedly ignited by a welding torch. More information

Feb 16
Negaunee Township, MI: Firefighters responded to a local plant when an employee accidentally knocked over a five gallon container of hydrochloric acid. More information

Feb 16
Butler, WI: An anhydrous ammonia leak at a food processing plant forced the evacuation of hundreds of nearby residents. Seven employees were treated for inhaling noxious fumes. More information

Feb 14
Hardeeville, N.C.: About six million pounds of paper stored in a yard outside a recycling center burned. Nearly 100 area firefighters battled the blaze. More information

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