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VESDA ECO detects smoke, combustible and toxic gases to ensure safety and air quality in occupied and unoccupied areas
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In 19th century America when mining was encouraged for Western Expansion, employment and overall economic growth, sub-surface miners relied on a living gas detection system — the canary. When death ceased the yellow bird’s melody, miners knew they needed to immediately vacate the mine due to lethal gases. Fortunately, the 21st

Xtralis recently released two new lines of gas detection and environmental solutions: VESDA ECO by Xtralis and ICAM ECO by Xtralis.

VESDA ECO uses new or existing VESDA pipe networks to reliably detect smoke and combustible and toxic gases to ensure safety and air quality in occupied and unoccupied areas. The system detects dozens of combustible gases including hydrogen (H

"Emergency responders will be aware of gas hazards prior to entering an area so they can determine the appropriate emergency response," said Claudio Groppetti, vice president of product management for the Xtralis Fire and Environmental Business Unit. "Also, Xtralis is leveraging its security expertise by developing the ability to transmit live, streaming video of a fire or gas incident via an iPhone to first responders as well as to an organization’s safety officers and senior management."

VESDA ECO offers even more features of interest to emergency responders, management and owners within a company. The system can be integrated with fire alarm control panels, programmable logic controllers, heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, and building management systems to provide real-time situational awareness for intelligent emergency response, Groppetti said.

"An additional unique feature offered by VESDA ECO is its ability to simultaneously measure temperature and humidity. This combination makes VESDA ECO a powerful solution for gas detection and environmental monitoring," he said.

The VESDA system offers other "green" advantages. VESDA ECO enables the end user to ventilate an area only when gas is present.

"This technique is known as demand-controlled ventilation and can deliver significant year-over-year energy savings," Groppetti said.

Depending on the detected gas and specific applications, companies with areas between 25 square feet and up to tens of thousands of square feet can benefit from the system. Each VESDA ECO detector can house up to two gas sensors, and additional detectors can be added to the pipe network if necessary. The VESDA components have been designed to operate as an integrated system and are fully warranted to operate reliably. ECO cannot be used on other brands of aspirating smoke detection (ASD) systems.

VESDA ECO provides point, zone or total-area coverage to suite different applications in an array of environments. "Like point gas detectors that use similar sensing technology, our sensors have an average life expectancy of two to five years. A real-time clock is built into the product that will advise when routine maintenance is required. When it becomes necessary to replace the sensor, it can be accomplished easily using a factory pre-calibrated sensor replacement cartridge," Groppetti said.

With detectors installed on a VESDA pipe network, air is conditioned or filtered to remove moisture, dirt and other particulates that can cause false alarms and contamination.

"The power of the VESDA ASD pipe network is its ability to condition the air stream before it reaches the detector," Groppetti said. "A variety of time proven techniques including inline filters, water traps and other techniques developed for ASD can be used with our new detectors."

In the real event of harmful gas entering a space, Groppetti said, "VESDA ECO continuously monitors the environment, and alarms are activated when a pre-determined gas concentration is reached. The gas levels can be transmitted to fire alarm panels, building management systems, or PLC via onboard relays, 4-20mA analog, or Modbus RTU outputs."

Buyers can expect to receive the new detectors within two to four weeks from the time they place the order. The timeframe for delivery can vary depending on the quantity needed.

Established in 1984, Xtralis is the leading global provider of powerful solutions for the early detection of fire, gas and security threats. The company’s technologies prevent disasters by giving users time to respond before life, critical infrastructure or business continuity is compromised.

"It was a natural evolution," Groppetti said, "for Xtralis to develop products that enable our customers to leverage their existing pipe network infrastructures for the delivery of integrated smoke, gas and environmental monitoring – along with access control and video security solutions. VESDA and ICAM ASD combined with VESDA ECO and ICAM ECO delivers the most reliable and cost-effective ASD plus gas detection and environmental monitoring solutions available today."

And in today’s market, canaries across the world can be relieved of their gas detection duty.

t century boasts technology that advances the safety of workers without resorting to the demise of song birds. 2), methane (CH4), propane (C3H8), ammonia (NH3), carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), sulfur dioxide (SO2) and oxygen (O). Before reaching dangerous levels of smoke or gas, the system outputs an alarm signal of impending danger.


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