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On October 23, 2009, a massive vapor cloud explosion simultaneously ignited 17 storage tanks at a petroleum terminal near San Juan, Puerto Rico. Another four storage tanks burned before the blaze was extinguished 72 hours later.
Volume 25, No. 1
Challenges of the green world
Volume 25, No. 1
New computer software calculates the endless variables involved in storage tank fire fighting.
Volume 25, No. 1
After an explosion in November, an oil refinery near Salt Lake City remains voluntarily closed based on a U.S. Chemical Safety Board recommendation. At issue are pipe thickness readings that have proven to be incorrect.
Volume 25, No. 1
Miniature reconnaissance robot reduces risk to search-and-rescue personnel in dangerous operations.
Volume 25, No. 1
Comradery is SOP at HAIX's Texas boot store, one of only two HAIX retail outlets worldwide.
Volume 25, No. 1
The Chemical Safety Board is urging owners of a Corpus Christi refinery to improve emergency water mitigation.
Volume 25, No. 1
Will the fire department intervene?
Volume 25, No. 1
Weapons of mass destruction
Volume 25, No. 1
Personnal protection ... from what?
Volume 25, No. 1
Eight companies at 24 Texas locations will receive fire, rescue, hazmat, EMS and other training.
Volume 25, No. 1
OSHA recognizes Kansas paint plant
Volume 25, No. 1

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