Incident Logs

May 10
Ludhiana, India - Nine people died and at least 90 suffered burn injuries due to a blast in a hosiery factory. The blast followed a cooking gas cylinder explosion. A fire tender had taken care of the fire and 5 firemen, a few policemen and about 50 people were standing around when a second blast occurred. More information

May 09
Clearcreek Township, OH - A leak from a propane gas pipeline prompted the evacuation of 70 homes and a high school. Officials said a vapor cloud formed in the area of the leak. No injuries were reported. More information

May 09
Portland, OR - Firefighters shut down a metal plating business after a routine inspection found barrels filled with sodium cyanide and hydrochloric acid in various exposed conditions. Inspectors said the company had been storing toxic liquids and powders in corroded barrels. More information

May 08
Grand Forks, SD - Three workers were injured after hot sugar juice spilled from a ruptured expansion joint at a sugar factory. More information

May 07
Reventador river, Ecuador - A pipeline damaged by a landslide caused 5,600 barrels of crude oil to be dumped into a river. Officials said repairs would take approximately 6 days. More information

May 05
Elsdorf, Germany - One person was injured at an aggregate company when a grenade exploded in a rock crushing machine. It is thought that the grenade was in excavated material dumped at the site many years ago. More information

May 05
Agra, India - Two children of a chemical factory guard were burned to death when the factory caught fire. Fire brigades battled the fire for several hours before it was brought under control. Seven other people received burn injuries and were admitted to the hospital. More information

May 04
Gdansk, Poland - Four people died after the explosion of a barge loaded with gasoline. The explosion occurred at an oil refinery in northern Poland. More information

May 03
Stockton, UT - Nerve-agent disposol operations were shut down after a detection alarm sounded at a chemical agent disposal facility. No danger was reported. More information

May 02
Azumamura, Japan - Several thousand liters of hydrochloric acid spilled onto a highway after a tanker truck crashed into a parked truck. The driver of the tanker truck was injured. More information

May 01
Turnu Magurele, Romania - Ammonia fumes from a fertilizer plant affected residents of Nikopol. Officials said the plant had suspended operations. More information

Apr 29
Dighi-Kalas, India - One worker died and 7 others were injured when vapors of hydrochloric acid leaked from a container in an electroplating department. Police said the incident happened when the premises of the department was being cleaned. More information

Apr 29
Kings Mountain, NC - Employees were evacuated after a chemical reaction occurred inside the plant. The incident was caused by a chemical spilling on the mixing room floor. No injuries were reported. More information

Apr 29
Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia - One worker died and 3 other were injured from an acid spill at a pulp and paper mill. More information

Apr 27
Adelaide, Australia - Fire crews were called to a plant after tarpaulins covering large quantities of chemicals caught fire in an open storage area of the factory. More information

Apr 26
Falcon State, Venezuela - A gas oil processing plant was shut down after a fire broke out in one of four hydrosulphurization units. The fire was extinguished by employees. More information

Apr 26
Pittsburgh, PA - A fire that destroyed a wood column manufacturing business caused the evacuation of about 20 residents, police said. The fire spread from the building and destroyed 3 nearby homes. The cause of the fire is not yet known. More information

Apr 26
Nikiski, AK - A worker was burned while doing electrical maintenance work at a refinery. Dust from the procedure flashed when it came into contact with a nearby switch that still had electricity going to it. More information

Apr 25
Anzotegui, Venezuela - One worker was killed and 3 other injured in an explosion and fire at a plant that produces methyl tertiary butyl ether. The plant suffered minor damage. More information

Apr 22
Houston, TX - A bridge over the San Jacinto River was closed for about 6 hours after a truck carrying glacial methacrylic acid caught fire when its brakes locked up. Liquid spilled from 3 drums damaged in the fire. More information

Apr 20
Wynyard, Tasmania - A gas leak at a milk company forced the evacuations of staff and nearby residents. Police said a crack in a steel tank holding hydrochloric acid caused the leak. More information

Apr 19
Cambridge, MD - More than 200 firefighters fought a 10-alarm fire at 3 warehouses that caused at least $2 million in damage. No injuries were reported. More information

Apr 19
Martigues, France - Heavy fuel oil accidentally spilled into an oil port due to a malfunction during the filling of a tanker. According to reports the incident occurred because of a valve failure in a catchment basin. More information

Apr 18
Qianging, China - An explosion at a textile plant killed 5 workers and injured 4 others when a machine used to print designs on cloth blew up starting a fire that collapsed the ceiling. More information

Apr 17
Dundee, Scotland - A toxic chemical spill created a cloud of chlorine gas when a shelf collapsed as workers were moving jars of acid. Workers were evacuated but no injuries were reported. More information

Apr 14
Sarnia, Ontario - A power cut caused flaring and releases at 6 petrochemical companies. The cause of the power cut was due to a broken insulator on a high-voltage transmission line. More information

Apr 13
Caivano, Italy - An explosion at a paint factory killed 4 workers and injured another. Workers on an overnight shift reported a problem with a nitrogen tank and called in an outside technician. An explosion occurred in the area of the tank. A fifth worker was slightly injured in the blast. More information

Apr 13
Gretzenbach, Switzerland - A large explosion occurred in a paper mill causing heavy damage but no injuries. The explosion occurred on the east side of the plant and caused a small fire. Parts of the front wall of the building were thrown several yards. More information

Apr 13
Palestine, TX - Three teenagers died and 2 were injured after a petroleum tank exploded in the western part of the county. The teens reportedly climbed up on the tank and opened the hatch and one of the teens used a lighter to see inside. The lighter ignited vapors from a few inches of oil in the tank. More information

Apr 12
Perm region, Russia - One person was killed when 33 rail tankers containing a propane-butane blend were involved in a series of explosions and fires. The train was unloading when a pipe came off one of the tankers which exploded. Three other explosions followed, igniting 8 tanks. More information

Apr 11
Jharkhand, Palamu district, India - One person died and 18 were seriously affected after they inhaled chlorine gas from a leaking pipe of a chemical factory. More information

Apr 10
Port Dickson, Malaysia - About 15 gas cylinders stored in a fenced-up yard exploded due to hot weather, a spokesman said. No casualties were reported. More information

Apr 09
Gila River Indian Community, AZ - Three workers were burned in a flash fire at a company the makes explosive devices for military and commercial aerospace customers. The 3 were the only employees present when the propellant burst into flames in the companys powder processing building. More information

Apr 08
Dieulouard, France - An explosion occurred in a propane pipeline at a concrete factory. There were no injuries and damage was minor. More information

Apr 08
Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan - A fire began at a hot springs drilling site when a worker set off a natural gas explosion by lighting a cigarette. The gas fire burned for 15 hours until it was extinguished by pouring sand over the site. Three workers were injured. More information

Apr 07
Shandong province, China - At least 21 people were killed in a fire at a food-processing factory. The building collapsed in the blaze trapping many of the workers. More information

Apr 07
Toronto, Canada - A fire broke out in a mixing vessel, burning one employee who was taken to the hospital for treatment. The fire, which may have been caused by static electricity, was extinguished by firefighting chemicals. More information

Apr 05
Red Wing, MN - A train carrying methanol derailed just outside of downtown Red Wing causing a shutdown of the track. Twenty-nine of the 81 cars went off the track. Three of the derailed cars were tankers carrying methanol, but only a small amount spilled. More information

Apr 04
Norwich, CT - An electrical short that occurred when a maintenance worker tried to change a circuit breaker caused an explosion that seriously burned the man. The Fire Marshal said the victim tried to change a breaker and inadvertently crossed positive and negative wires. More information

Apr 02
Neuendorf, Germany - A truck carrying insecticide ran off the road and hit a bridge pillar, catching fire. The resulting smoke contained hydrogen cyanide ammonia and hydrochloric acid, but police said it posed no threat to nearby residents. More information

Apr 02
Corinth, Greece - An explosion in a pipe-making factory killed at least 6 people and injured 3. Workers said the blast occurred while 3 of those who were killed were replacing an oxygen cylinder. More information

Apr 01
Vakaner, India - Four people were killed and 15 injured when an oil tanker collided with a passenger train causing an explosion and fire in 3 coaches. The incident occurred when the tanker crashed into the train at an unmanned railroad crossing. More information

Apr 01
Geleen, Netherlands - Three people died and 2 were injured in an explosion at a factory operated by a specialty chemicals group. The blast occurred in a salt oven. More information

Mar 30
Cataguazes, Brazil - A reservoir used to store chemical residues at the site of a defunct paper and pulp company burst, dumping large amounts of caustic soda into 2 rivers. More information

Mar 30
Daya Bay, China - One person was killed and 3 others injured in an explosion while oil was being pumped out of a tanker by another tanker. Fire broke out on both ships. More information

Mar 28
Porbandar, Rajkot, India - About 42 people were hospitalized following an anhydrous ammonia leak at an ice factory. More information

Mar 27
Billy-Berclau, France> - Four people were killed in an explosion at an explosives plant. Authorities said the explosion appeared to be an accident and occurred in an area where 2 employees were filling dynamite cartridges. More information

Mar 25
Orangeburg, SC - A blast at a pharmaceutical plant was felt several miles away but resulted in no serious injuries and no chemical release. The plant manager said the blast occurred from an unexpected pressure increase in a glass-lined vessel. He said the pressure relief was not adequate, causing the explosion. More information

Mar 25
Salt Lake City, UT - Two workers were burned in a flash fire at a copper smelter plant while repairing ducts. A spokesman said the grinder they used for repair hit oxygen in the ducting causing the explosion. More information

Mar 22
Leghorn, Italy - An explosion aboard a tanker carrying methanol injured 9 people. Authorities said the explosion was set off when the ship bumped up against the dock while being towed after a small fire broke out. More information

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