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Dr. Sthamer-Hamburg
Company ships 55 tons of foam to Israel to battle wildfire
Vol 26 Winter

Fifty-five tons of Sthamex Class A airlifted from Germany to Israel by the U.S. Air Force helped extinguish a major wildfire that ranks as the worst in Israeli history.

The foam, manufactured by Dr. Sthamer-Hamburg, traveled from Ramstein Air Force Base to Israel via U.S. Air Force C-130 jet transports. U.S. Ambassador to Israel James B. Cunningham welcomed the first two flights of military aircraft carrying 20 metric tons of fire retardant chemicals to help suppress the fire.

The four-day fire that broke out Dec. 1 on Mount Carmel killed 42 Israelis and burned more than 12,000 acres, millions of trees, and thousands of homes, said Israeli ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren.

"Throughout this tragedy, Israeli firefighters, police, EMS, and soldiers worked tirelessly to battle the flames," Oren said. "And though their efforts were great, Israel could not effectively combat this blaze without the help of our friends around the world. The international community was quick to act, sending planes, fire retardant chemicals, and firefighting equipment— for all of which Israel is deeply grateful."

A total of 24 countries sent firefighting aircraft, firefighters and equipment to assist Israel in extinguishing the wildfire on the Carmel mountain range.


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