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Triple Threat
Door combines energy, sound and fire protection
Volume 23, No. 6

If a company is building or modifying a warehouse where overhead doors will be used, it might be primarily concerned with insulation value or efficiency as a sound barrier. But, most important in the event of an emergency, the company might want overhead doors rated to provide fire protection.

According to Keith Boyer, central region sales manager for the Overhead Door Corporation, the only choice available to builders in the past has been two doors, one beside the other.

"A lot of commercial properties, municipal, hospitals, twin kitchen areas and certain areas dealing with manufacturing need fire protection," Boyer said. "A lot of these fire doors in the past have been used along side an insulated door."

Overhead Doors' new FireKing? product line combines all three functions - energy efficiency, sound barrier and thermal barrier - into one insulated door.

Approved by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and Factory Mutual (FM) in the U.S. and Canada, the FireKing? insulated fire door may be used for a variety of applications.

Serving as a thermal barrier, the energy-efficient overhead door can be used for applications requiring separation due to climate control, while simultaneously serving as an entry/exit door. FireKing? has a sound transmission class (STC) of 23, satisfying all applications requiring sound removal.

"A lot of facilities are using multi-purpose rooms to maybe use a lunch room as a business room for meetings," Boyer said. "Now they can pull this fire door down and have a four-hour fire rating as well as being sound proof."

Optional smoke seals can be added to reduce the amount of smoke transmitted from the fire side of the door to the protected side. For additional energy efficiency, the door's mineral wool is compressed within the steel slat, completely filling the slat to provide maximum insulation.

"This is a triple benefit door in that it offers an insulation value in a climate-controlled setting while also providing a fire door," Boyer said. "If you are trying to control noise, it certainly adds sound barrier value."

Overhead Door Corporation, based in Dallas, TX, is a leading manufacturer of overhead doors, including 14 different types of fire doors offering various degrees of protection.

"When you talk about fire door applications, first you look at what agency's guideline you are trying to adhere to, either UL or FM," Boyer said. "Some applications may only call for a fire rating of an hour and a half, others require four hours. Anything larger than 196 square feet is considered an oversized door. You have to consider how the door is mounted."

FireKing? insulated fire doors offer a four-hour rating on masonry, concrete and steel walls and a three-hour rating on non-masonry walls. It has an insulation R-value of 4.5 while the mineral wool insert carries a smoke and flame index of five. Optional smoke seals are available.

The door is only available through the Overhead Door network of 400 Ribbon? distributors nationwide.

"This product is the result of extensive research to meet a lot of different requirements," Boyer said. "We put it through a lot of testing to get it approved."


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