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Emergency Services Training Institute initiates new process unit replica
Volume 23, No. 5

TEEXOn July 14, Brayton Fire Training Field's new prop - Prop No. 31/Process Unit - was planned to be used for training for the first time. It's the largest live prop on the largest live-fueled fire training facility in the world.

At approximately 3:50 p.m. - literally seconds after the prop was lit - the lightning prediction system sounded at the fire field. The prop was shut down and firefighters on hand to attend the 46th annual Industrial Fire Training School had to clear the field.

Safety is always the top priority at the Texas Engineering Extension Service's Emergency Services Training Institute in College Station, TX. The lightning prediction system is an automatic signal to clear the field.

"There were a lot of people who were here to see the new prop burn," said Ron Peddy, lead safety official. "But, safety is our most important concern and we can always burn the new prop tomorrow."

At its highest point, the process unit stands an amazing 66 feet tall and is a multi-level prop encompassing 21,608 square feet. It boasts six fixed monitors and burns LPG and E3 fuel.

The project contains 18 dual-fuel leak points, although not all are lit at once. The valve station controlling the project is 12 feet wide to accommodate the large number of valves involved. The project can simulate various scenarios such as a process sump fire, truck-loading area fire and various other process unit-related emergency situations.

Cost of the new prop exceeded $1 million.

The first test burn on the new prop, which involved fire field instructors only, was held on June 16. A successful training burn for instructors was conducted on July 12.?



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