Incident Logs

Jun 14
Roseville, CA - Two locomotives collided at a railyard, derailing 5 tanker cars filled with a gasoline additive. There were no injuriesand none of the additive spilled. A railroad company spokesman said theaccident was caused by human error. More information

Jun 13
Cape-Breton, France - One seaman was killed in an explosionon board a French oil tanker. Cause of the explosion is not known. More information

Jun 13
Baiji, Iraq - An oil pipeline caught fire near a refinery.According to news reports, the pipeline had been damaged 2 bomb explosions.However, an Iraqui engineer said the fire was caused by a gas leak. More information

Jun 12
Bornem, Belgium - A fire broke out after an explosion in apress used for the production of pigment pastes. Damage was limited tothe roof of the structure. More information

Jun 12
Lake St. Lucia, S. Africa - Twenty-seven tankers carrying phosphoric acid derailed and overturned causing the acid to spill fromabout 18 badly damaged tankers into an almost dry tributary of the NyalaziRiver. More information

Jun 12
Houston, TX - A heat transfer fluid oil fire erupted in aheater at a plant. The company produces hydrocarbon based solvents thatare used by chemical, automotive, cosmetic, graphic arts, and pharmaceutical industries. The cause of the fire is under investigation. More information

Jun 11
Punjab, India - Two people were killed and 18 injuredin an explosion and fire at a plant owned by a leading drug maker. Theblast and fire occurred at the solvent recovery section of the facility. More information

Jun 11
Mailiao, Taiwan - A petrochemical corporation shut down arefinery unit after an oil leak sparked a fire. Company officials saidthe damage to the factory was minor and should have no impact on its productionand distribution of oil products. More information

Jun 11
Hayward, CA - A glass plant was forced to halt operationsafter its third fire in the past 3 months. Investigators say the blazebegan in a vat used to melt glass amd spread to the point where they werethreatening the plant. Firefighters flooded the molten glass with waterand brought the fire under control after an hour. Theres no immediateword on the cost to repair the damage. More information

Jun 11
Stamford, CT - Nearly 2 dozen fire and hazardous materialsofficials responded to a fire at a chemical mixing plant. Investigatorssaid the fire stared while an employee was cleaning out a basin containinghighly flammable chemical solvents. There were no injuries reported. More information

Jun 11
Pasadena, TX - A heating unit caused a fire at a chemicalplant and was fueled by benzene. There were no know injuries or evacuations.The plant produces the chemical raw materials that are used to make foamcups, plastic forks and plates. More information

Jun 11
Lubbock, TX - Burning chips forced evacuation of a plant thatproduces snack foods. The chips had just been pulled from a vat of hotoil when the heat within ignited the chips. The factorys extinguishingequipment put out the fire. More information

Jun 10
Dublin, Ireland - Four people were treated in the hospitalafter a container of nitric acid fell off a truck. More information

Jun 10
Uberaba, Brazil - A train derailed spilling highly explosiveand toxic chemicals into a river and igniting a large fire. Fifteen ofthe trains 33 cars derailed. Methanol, octanol, potassium bifluorateand isobutanol leaked into the river. More information

Jun 10
Washington Township, IN - One employee was sent to the hospitalwith minor injuries after a fire at a plant that produces additives forproducts such as ink and cosmetics. Fire officials said a chemical hadbeen added to a tank that already contained a caustic material. A chemicalreaction ignited a blaze. More information

Jun 09
Whangarei, New Zealand - Firefighters spent hours cleaningup wood preservative spilled at a timber company. Officials said a dooron the tank holding flammable white spirit had given way, emptying thecontainer. More information

Jun 09
Kazakstan, Russia - Three mothballed oil wells began leakingoil into the Caspian Sea. According to local reports, the leaks are believedto have been caused by a rise in the water level of the Caspian, whichflooded the area where the wells are located. More information

Jun 08
Lake Alfred, FL - A highway was closed briefly after a tankof nitrogen was damaged by a hit and run motorist and vented its contents.Fire officials said that while the gas was harmless, firefighters fearedthe pressureized tank could rupture. The gas was used to keep moistureout of phone lines. More information

Jun 07
Ludwighafen, Germany - A stretch of the Autobahn was closedfor several hours after the driver of a truck loaded with bitumen reporteda fire in the engine compartment. Firefighters prevented the fire fromspreading to the load and there were no injuries. More information

Jun 07
Mannheim, Germany - Fire broke out in a stockroom for waxesand colors in a textile plant and spread to adjacent production areas.Several barrels and propane gas cylinders exploded. The cause of the fireis not yet known. There were no injuries. More information

Jun 06
Blacktown, Sydney, Australia - A truck driver was burned andnearby residents were evacuated after an accident refilling a liquid petroleumgas tanker. A fire brigade spokesman said the problem occurred as thedriver refilled the vehicle from an underground tank. More information

Jun 05
Nogales, Mexico - At least 4 people were killed andscores injured when a landslide damaged a natural gas line causing anexplosion. Fifteen vehicles and 20 buildings were set on fire. More information

Jun 05
Kermit, TX - Several blasts rocked an unmanned natural gascompressor station and forced the closure of 3 outgoing pipelines. Theblaze partially melted 3 buildings at the site, snapped telephone polesand gutted a truck. No homes were reported damaged or evacuated. More information

Jun 04
Kamensk-Uralsk, Russia - Two oxygen canisters explodedat a metal foundry killing 4 workers and seriously injuring 2 others.The tanks exploded when they were being loaded at the factory. A spokesman said initially 2 workers were killed but his office said fragmentsof 2 more bodies were found later in the day. The cause of the accidentis being investigated. More information

Jun 04
Brisbane, Australia - An oil refinery suffered damage aftera lightning strike ignited a fire between the floating roof and a sidewall of a crude oil tank. There were no injuries reported. More information

Jun 04
Amman, Jordan - At least 10 people were killed and18 critically injured when a loaded gasoline tanker overturned on an intersectionand burst into flames. The oil tanker was headed downhill when the brakesfailed and skidded on the steep road. The gasoline spilled onto the streetflowing under cars waiting at the traffic lights. Officials said 21 vehiclesat the traffic lights were trapped by the flames and reduced to heapsof twisted metal. More information

Jun 03
Mount Joliet, TN - A fire at a plastics factory forced theevacuation of the overnight shift and sent 3 firefighters to the hospital.The fire broke out on one of the lines at the factory. The 3 firefighterswere treated for smoke inhalation. More information

Jun 03
Serasa, Malaysia - A textile factory employee smelled gasand reported it to police who found the odor coming from a nearby chemicalfactory. The firemen cut the gate gate lock, inspected the compound andfound leaking drums of methyl mercaptan. More information

Jun 03
Rostov-on-Don, Russia - Eight people were injured, five criticallyas a result of an explosion and fire at an oil refinery. Officials saidthe explosion occurred when workers entered a reservoir to clean its interiorof gasoline. More information

Jun 03
Stevensville, MI - A fire at a factory that makes brake caliberswas fought by employees with fire extinguishers until firefighters arrived.Employees said the fire started at a 20-ton furnace when hydraulic fuelcaught fire and spread to the roof. No injuries were reported. More information

Jun 03
El Paso, TX - Three refinery employees were injured in anexplosion. The fire occurred in a crude unit when 2 furnaces explodedat an oil refinery. More information

Jun 02
Springfield, MO - Workers were unloading a truck when a tankholding sodium hydrosulphide shifted and spilled onto a street and intoa storm sewer. One worker was sent to the hospital as a precaution. More information

Jun 02
Gardner, MA - A fire that destroyed a plastics factory causedabout $600,000 in damages, investigators said. There were no injuriesreported but several nearby homes were evacuated due to the burning plasticand chemicals. The cause of the blaze is not yet known. More information

Jun 02
Tyler County, TX - A natural gas storage facility burst intoflames causing a pillar of black smoke to fill the sky. Fire officialssaid the fire erupted while a tanker truck was filling its load and fumesleaked by a storage tank at the facility. The fumes were ignited by aspark from the truck and fire spread to all 13 storage tanks at the sitecausing at least three of them to rupture. There were no injuries reported. More information

Jun 02
Farmington, NM - Fuel leaking from a 500 gallon gas tank wasignited by a welding spark at a business. Employees were welding a trailerin back of the store when the fire started a fire official said. More information

Jun 01
Changamwe, Mombasa - An explosion and fire at apetroleum refinery was suspected to have caused by leaking kerosene inone of two of tanks. A spokesman said that one employee was slightly injuredbut it was not clear if the employee was injured in the fire. More information

Jun 01
Chulym, Russia - A mixture of nitric and sulfuric acid leakedfrom a train causing the town to order the evacuation of many of its residents.There were no casualties reported. More information

May 31
Denmark - A Chinese cargo ship sank after colliding with another vessel. Before the ship sank, 2 explosions were heard which might have been caused by a chemical reaction between fertilizer on board and sea water. The 27 crew members were rescued. The cause of the accident is not known at this time. More information

May 30
Piti, Guam - Fuel oil leaked from an exposed pipe that once fed a navy power plant. The Guam Power Authority detected the spill while conducting a routine check of the pipeline. More information

May 30
Wolverhampton, UK - A road was closed for more than 4 hours after a drum containing acetic acid fell off a truck, split and started leaking. People living in 2 nearby homes were evacuated. A spokesman said the incident happened when the truck driver was forced to brake sharply to avoid a car. More information

May 30
Indianapolis, IN - A fire that started when workers were welding steel to support a heating and cooling system was brought under control 40 minutes after it started. The workers told firefighters the fire started when debris was ignited during the welding and spread to roofing insulation. More information

May 30
Pennsdale, PA - Three people were injured in an explosion at a manufacturing plant. The explosion caused a fire that resulted in thousands of dollars of damage to the plant The cause is not yet known. More information

May 30
Muscatine, IA - A spokesman said high winds and coal dust may have been responsible for a fire at a coal burning plant. No one working at the plant was injured, but a firefighter received minor injuries. More information

May 29
Orlando, FL - Twenty-four people were evacuated from a business after noxious fumes resulted when an employee mixed an acid with a base that could be dangerous. More information

May 29
Salt Lake City, UT - An ammonia leak at an ice cream plant caused a vapor cloud that killed fish in retention ponds and went unreported for hours as workers tried to control it themselves. The leak resulted when a piece of equipment malfunctioned and a line was severed. More information

May 29
Hollister, CA - A small paper fire broke out at a facility and was quickly brought under control by employees, fire officials said. There were no injuries and the cause of the blaze is not clear. More information

May 28
Deerfield Beach, FL - Ten workers were sent to the hospital after fumes from a thinner used to clean concrete floors forced the evacuation of the building. The incident occurred when workers applying thinner to the floor began complaining of problems breathing and vomiting. More information

May 27
Delaware City, DE - A workplace accident released a small chlorine gas cloud at a chemical plant. The leak was estimated to have lasted 6 minutes. The chemical may have escaped from an open valve during maintenance work, a spokesman said. More information

May 26
Chechnya, Russia - A natural gas pipeline explosion forced independent producer to halt deliveries. A plant spokesman said repairs would take at least 4 days. More information

May 25
Miami, FL - Four people were killed and 15 injured in an explosion and fire in the boiler room of a docked cruise ship. The cruise ship had passed federal inspection 10 days earlier. More information

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