Incident Logs

No Fatalities

Jan 29
Marshville, NC - A mans arm was caught and crushed in equipment at a plant that recycles snack food into animal feed.. A spokesman said the accident came from a misunderstanding fueled by the workers newness to the job and language barriers. More information

Jan 25
Johannesburg, South Africa - A major chemical explosion damaged 200 homes and several industrial plants in the area will probably have to be demolished. The explosion was caused by a fire which ignited chemicals kept at a fiberglass factory. More information

Jan 20
Athens, Greece - A major fire broke out in the storage yard of the Kardasilaris dried fruit and nuts factory and spread to the buildings. The buildings were destroyed but there were no injuries. More information

Jan 14
Deer Island, MA - Two workers were injured when a pocket of methane gas exploded in an building at a waste water treatment plant. The explosion occurred as they were cleaning pipes. More information

Jan 13
Garyville, La - Fire broke out at a gasoline refinery but was out within 4 hours and no one was hurt. A spokesman said that the cause of the fire unknown. The fire broke out in the crude oil unit, the spokesman said. More information

Jan 07
Menasha, WI - An employee suffered minor injuries when static electricity ignited vapors and caused a flash fire at a chemical plant. An official said that a static electricity spark occurred while the employee was adding a bag of polymide to a solution of heptane and alcohol used to make ink. More information

Jan 07
Fletcher, NC - About 200 employees were evacuated after a fire broke out in a plants dust collecting system. There were no injuries and firefighters worked inside the plant to extinguish the fire. A fire department spokesman said the fire was contained to a hopper used to collect metal shavings. Water could not be used on the fire because it would react with the metal. More information

Jan 06
La Hague, France - A level-1 incident occurred at a nuclear waste vitrification plant. The incident was due to an excess volume of acid in a gas treatment unit. A leak of slightly radioactive liquid was contained. More information

Jan 05
Durban, South Africa - five people were taken to hospital after a gas leak at a pesticides factory. More information

Jan 05
Douglass, GA - Fire officials have yet to determine the cause of a blaze that severely damaged a warehouse used for storing fireplaces. Acetylene, propane and other chemicals stored in the warehouse fueled at least 4 explosions as the fire burned. There were no injuries reported. More information

Jan 04
West Midlands, UK - More than 50 firefighters fought a severe blaze after a rubber mixing machine burst into flames. The blaze also caused 500 liters of machine oil to leak. No one was hurt, but parts of the factory were evacuated and production of rubber was affected. More information

Jan 04
Springdale, AZ - A firefighter was injured while responding to a blaze at a processing plant after plastic materials caught fire in a smokestack, a fire official said. It was not clear how much damage the fire caused. The plant converts wood and plastic into a product that can be used as a wood substitute. More information

Jan 02
Gnadenhutten, OH - Four employees escaped when an explosion destroyed half of a large building housing a plastics plant. More information

Jan 01
Herzliya, Israel - One person was seriously injured in an explosion that occurred at a plant when pressurized oxygen leaked. The cause of the leak was not clear. More information

Dec 30
Grand Island, NB - A man was listed in critical condition after falling into a tank filled with cleaning liquid. The tank contained potassium hydroxide and the victim suffered burns over most of his body. More information

Dec 29
Dipperz, Germany - A fire in a wood working company destroyed a building and heavily damaged a silo. More information

Dec 28
Dhahran, Saudi Arabia - Fire broke out in the unprocessed water acid reservoir of a refinery. There were no casualties reported and the fire did not affect the production process of the refinery. More information

Dec 27
San Fernando Valley, CA - Two workers suffered burns when a fire broke out at an oil well site. The fire department said that the victims were chilling natural gas with a manifold which is a part of the wells normal operations, when a ball of flame engulfed them. More information

Dec 26
Alton, IL - One man was injured in an explosion at an ordnance. Spokesmen said the worker was mixing explosives when the explosion occurred. More information

Dec 25
Port of Vostochny, Russia - A large fire broke out aboard a factory ship in the northern part of Kozimo Bay. The fire spread to the upper deck and a container with 40 tons of paint and corrugated packaging. Firemen kept the blaze from spreading to the fish processing room, engine and boiler compartment. More information

Dec 25
Bend OR - Workers at a medical building were evacuated after xylene spilled into a drainage system and caused a sump pump to malfunction. More information

Dec 23
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania - Four people died and one was injured after inhaling poisonous gas inside a septic tank they were cleaning. More information

Dec 22
Altona, Australia - Staff were evacuated after a holding tank exploded. The tank contained sludge, water and hydrocarbon. A spokesman said cause of the blast was being investigated. More information

Dec 21
Aurora, CO - Fire broke out in a convenience store warehouse and was fuelled by potato chips, wood pallets and plastic packaging. The facility and its inventory were destroyed. More information

Dec 20
Sadasivpet, India - Five persons were killed and four injured in an explosion in a chemical plant. According to police, the explosion was triggered bu a chemical reaction inside a boiler and destroyed a portion of a chemical plant which manufactures omofozole, used in the manufacture of anti-ulcer tablets. More information

Dec 20
Algeciras, Spain - A Danish-flagged container ship spilled 1,000 tons of fuel oil in Algeciras bay during a refueling operation. More information

Dec 18
Sorgues, France - Two workers were seriously injured in an explosion at an explosives plant. The explosion occurred during the small-scale production of hexanitrostibene, an explosive mostly used in oil exploration. More information

Dec 18
Manchester, UK - Roads were closed after a truck carrying potentially explosive acetylene containers caught fire. It is not clear how the fire on the truck started. More information

Dec 17
Haifa, Israel - Two people were injured when fire broke out at a petrochemical plant next to an oil refinery. Officials said that a technical fault led to the fire. More information

Dec 17
Cornwall, UK - A village had to be sealed off after a ton of propane gas was released after a valve failed on a tanker. The tanker had been filling up with gas when the valve failed. The valve was soon fixed and the propane was dissipated naturally into the air. More information

Dec 16
Poland Township, OH - Fire destroyed a pool and spa supply business. The local fire chief said crews had difficulty fighting the fire which was fed by chlorine, bromine and other chemical used for swimming pools, stored inside the building. No injuries were reported. More information

Dec 16
Worcestershire - More than 130 firefighters battled a blaze at an oil refinery. Residents in the area were advised to keep their doors and windows closed because of fumes but no evacuation was considered. the fire broke out in a two-story building containing chemicals. More information

Dec 15
Cottage Grove, MN - A fire at a plastics factory destroyed several semi-tractor trailer trucks, six rail cars and various rolls of plastics in a storage yard. No one was injured in the blaze. More information

Dec 14
France - A Norwegian-registered ship carrying new cars sank in the English Channel after colliding with a container vessel in thick fog. More information

Dec 13
Athens, Greece - A Greek-flagged tanker loaded with 2,000 tons of fuel oil was about to dock at a refinery when a fire broke out in one of the cabins and spread to the deck. Firefighters extinguished the blaze and the crew was safely taken off the ship. More information

Dec 13
Osaka, Japan - An oil tanker, truck and containers filled with kerosene caught fire in the parking lot of a company. The fire caused one injury and caused the evacuation of nearby residents. The fire department reported that workers were filtering kerosene on the loading platform when the fire occurred. More information

Dec 12
Tsuruga, Japan - A reactor was shut down following two fires in the casing of a turbine. Reports say no radiation was released and there was no danger to the public. More information

Dec 11
Sui, Pakistan - A suspected bomb blast set a state-owned- gas pipeline on fire at a southwestern Baluchistan province, disrupting supplies to the countrys main commercial hub. More information

Dec 10
Bergen, Norway - One person died during maintenance and repair work on a semi-submersible. The accident occurred during repair work on a derrick. More information

Dec 10
Brattleboro, VT - An explosion in the boiler room of a woodworking plant blew out the north and south walls of the building and caused a fire in an on top of the vents inside the building. There were no injuries. More information

Dec 09
Wenzhou City, China - Five people were killed and five others injured in an explosion and fire in a plant manufacturing artificial leather. The explosion occurred in the drying workshop and the cause remains unclear. More information

Dec 08
Cabras, Guam - Fire broke out in a tank farm during a typhoon. Two tanks (one of gasoline and one of jet fuel) caught fire and burned out with 24 hours. More information

Dec 05
Saint-Jean-de-Luz, France - Train service was halted between Hendaye and Bayonne after a natural gas pipeline caught fire on the bridge over the river Nivelle. More information

Dec 05
Singapore - Authorities spotted two oil slicks in Indonesian waters after an oil tanker collided with a cargo ship. 350 tons of Sumatra light crude spilled into the water. No damage to nearby islands or injuries were reported. More information

Dec 04
Shizuishan, China - Four workers died in a high-pressure, high-temperature steam leak at a power station in the north-west of China. A fifth man survived with serious burns. More information

Dec 04
Pascagoula, AL - Two contract workers were burned by hot water at a refinery while performing modifications on a reservoir containing petroleum coke. One worker later died. It is believed the workers were burned by a mixture of hot water and petroleum coke that splashed over the side of the reservoir. More information

Dec 03
Deer Park, TX - A hydrogen pipeline ruptured adjacent to a facility. The pipeline had been patched approximately one month before after springing leak. No injuries were reported. More information

Dec 03
Rutledge, TN - 200 people were evacuated from their homes after a fire broke out in a portion of a farmers coop. Authorities feared that chemicals in the building could ignite. More information

Dec 03
North Yorkshire, UK - Sixty residents were evacuated after a leak developed from one of four storage tanks used to supply the whole village. Fire crews spent a day dispersing the gas cloud. More information

Dec 02
Naples, FL - No injuries were reported when 6 4-liter bottles of dilute hydrochloric acid fell from a flatbed truck causing the road to be closed for 2 hours for cleanup. More information

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