Incident Logs

No Fatalities

Apr 17
Dundee, Scotland - A toxic chemical spill created a cloud of chlorine gas when a shelf collapsed as workers were moving jars of acid. Workers were evacuated but no injuries were reported. More information

Apr 14
Sarnia, Ontario - A power cut caused flaring and releases at 6 petrochemical companies. The cause of the power cut was due to a broken insulator on a high-voltage transmission line. More information

Apr 13
Gretzenbach, Switzerland - A large explosion occurred in a paper mill causing heavy damage but no injuries. The explosion occurred on the east side of the plant and caused a small fire. Parts of the front wall of the building were thrown several yards. More information

Apr 10
Port Dickson, Malaysia - About 15 gas cylinders stored in a fenced-up yard exploded due to hot weather, a spokesman said. No casualties were reported. More information

Apr 09
Gila River Indian Community, AZ - Three workers were burned in a flash fire at a company the makes explosive devices for military and commercial aerospace customers. The 3 were the only employees present when the propellant burst into flames in the companys powder processing building. More information

Apr 08
Dieulouard, France - An explosion occurred in a propane pipeline at a concrete factory. There were no injuries and damage was minor. More information

Apr 08
Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan - A fire began at a hot springs drilling site when a worker set off a natural gas explosion by lighting a cigarette. The gas fire burned for 15 hours until it was extinguished by pouring sand over the site. Three workers were injured. More information

Apr 07
Toronto, Canada - A fire broke out in a mixing vessel, burning one employee who was taken to the hospital for treatment. The fire, which may have been caused by static electricity, was extinguished by firefighting chemicals. More information

Apr 05
Red Wing, MN - A train carrying methanol derailed just outside of downtown Red Wing causing a shutdown of the track. Twenty-nine of the 81 cars went off the track. Three of the derailed cars were tankers carrying methanol, but only a small amount spilled. More information

Apr 04
Norwich, CT - An electrical short that occurred when a maintenance worker tried to change a circuit breaker caused an explosion that seriously burned the man. The Fire Marshal said the victim tried to change a breaker and inadvertently crossed positive and negative wires. More information

Apr 02
Neuendorf, Germany - A truck carrying insecticide ran off the road and hit a bridge pillar, catching fire. The resulting smoke contained hydrogen cyanide ammonia and hydrochloric acid, but police said it posed no threat to nearby residents. More information

Mar 30
Cataguazes, Brazil - A reservoir used to store chemical residues at the site of a defunct paper and pulp company burst, dumping large amounts of caustic soda into 2 rivers. More information

Mar 28
Porbandar, Rajkot, India - About 42 people were hospitalized following an anhydrous ammonia leak at an ice factory. More information

Mar 25
Orangeburg, SC - A blast at a pharmaceutical plant was felt several miles away but resulted in no serious injuries and no chemical release. The plant manager said the blast occurred from an unexpected pressure increase in a glass-lined vessel. He said the pressure relief was not adequate, causing the explosion. More information

Mar 25
Salt Lake City, UT - Two workers were burned in a flash fire at a copper smelter plant while repairing ducts. A spokesman said the grinder they used for repair hit oxygen in the ducting causing the explosion. More information

Mar 22
Leghorn, Italy - An explosion aboard a tanker carrying methanol injured 9 people. Authorities said the explosion was set off when the ship bumped up against the dock while being towed after a small fire broke out. More information

Mar 21
Elk Grove Village, IL - Several people were treated for ammonia or chlorine inhalation following a chemical spill at a factory that manufactures circuit boards. More information

Mar 20
Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia - Oil and gas leaks occurred at gas platforms in the South China Sea. An initial finding indicated that the source was a pipeline leak. More information

Mar 19
Rotterdam, Netherlands - A Norwegian chemical tanker spilled crude benzene after a leak during loading from a ship to shore tank. The leak was contained in an area around the rank and covered with foam. More information

Mar 18
Hamilton, New Zealand - An emergency clean-up was declared when a large amount of potentially dangerous chemicals were found at the back of an old factory. The chemicals, sodium cyanide and chromic acid, were stored in drums, but the plastic containers had started to deteriorate and the toxic liquid was seeping into the ground. More information

Mar 17
Beavertown, PA - A fire broke out in a dust collection building of a wood factory but was quickly extinguished before it could spread to the main building. More information

Mar 17
OFallon, IL - A dozen workers at a dairy facility were evacuated after an ammonia leak was discovered in equipment used to make ice cream. Officials said a malfunctioning valve caused the leak. More information

Mar 17
Durban, South Africa - Seven workers were admitted to the hospital and nearly 2,000 were sent home after they were overcome by pesticide fumes used in the fumigation of a factory over the weekend. More information

Mar 16
Port Kembla, Australia - A steelworks after an overhead coal trolley was ignited by a gas flare. Only minor injuries were reported during the power outage which triggered an automatic burn-off of excess gas near a coking oven. More information

Mar 15
Blendon Township, MI - A fire ripped through a steel plant destroying the building and its contents after dust in a machine sparked flames. More information

Mar 15
Gloucestershire, UK - Fire broke out in a warehouse at a chemical factory that processes bitumen to make road surfaces. More information

Mar 15
West Deptford, NJ - A fire seriously damaged a chemical plant, sending four firefighters to the hospital. The fire was brought under control 6 hours later, but firefighters were forced to return when it rekindled. The cause of the blaze is under investigation. More information

Mar 14
Swanton, OH - A fire at an auto parts company that may have started from fumes caused an estimated $200,000, officials said. Employees had been working on a fuel pump in the shop while another worker was welding when the fire broke out. More information

Mar 14
Bethlehem Township, PA - An intense fire fueled by highly combustible rolls of carpet engulfed an attached warehouse of a flooring business. More information

Mar 14
Newton, NJ - A truck loaded with propane exploded at an energy company sparking a massive fire and evacuation of about 100 residents. The cause of the explosion was not immediately known. More information

Mar 13
Elkhart, IN - An early morning fire did little damage to a factory by destroyed some of the products made there. Officials said the factorys sprinkler system contained the fire. More information

Mar 13
Philippines - Fire destroyed a 308 ton cargo ship. Fire department hoses could not reach the ship. Officials said the fire started in the ships engine room. There were no injuries. More information

Mar 11
Rockford, IL - Firefighters battled a blaze at a chemical company for 9 hours after a fire started on a machine inside the east portion of the company. More information

Mar 11
Aurora, NC - A sulfuric acid leak sent 9 workers to the hospital for treatment. Officials dont yet know what caused the leak. More information

Mar 10
Burton, SC - Fire broke out at an artificial marble manufacturing plant. Chemicals made the fire hotter and the smoke more dangerous. 45 firefighter were hospitalized and all but 2 were treated and released. More information

Mar 10
Merseyside, UK - A tank containing liquid carbon monoxide ruptured causing a major road to be closed. More information

Mar 09
Yonkers, NY - About 8,000 liters of dilute hydrochloric acid spilled at a sugar refinery. The acid spilled on the 10th floor of the plants processing building and leaked all the way to the 8th floor. The fire dept. and workers were able to contain the spill. More information

Mar 06
Wytheville, VA - A tractor-trailer carrying liquid ammonium nitrate, blasting caps and boosters crashed spilling part its load and causing the shutdown of the highway for ten hours. More information

Mar 04
Auckland, New Zealand - Several buildings were evacuated following a chemical spill when a container of nitric acid burst at a powder coating plant. More information

Mar 03
Cohoes, NY - Official believe a failed temperature sensor allowed a solution used in a papermaking process to overheat causing a minor chlorine leak at a paper mill. There were no injuries. More information

Feb 28
Pampano Beach, FL - The fuel tank on a large boat being worked on outside a metal fabrication plant exploded and caught fire injuring one worker. More information

Feb 26
Netherley, UK - More than 20 firefighters were called to a plastics factory due to an explosion and fire. Officials said the explosion was caused when a chemical cylinder containing acetylene caught fire at the factory. More information

Feb 25
Holland Township, MI - Four oil tanker trucks were involved in a fire at an oil company. Four people received minor injuries including 2 fire fighters. The cause in unknown. More information

Feb 25
St. Paul Park, MN - A fire broke out at a refinery in the pipe rack of the alkylation unit. Plant official were not sure but believed it was caused by a rupture in a pipeline inside the refinery. More information

Feb 25
Johnson City, TN - An explosion in a sawdust bin at a flooring plant caused a lot of flame and smoke but no injuries or serious damage. The bin was collecting dust from the plant when the sawdust was ignited by a spark. More information

Feb 25
London, UK - Firefighters spent several hours battling a blaze at a factory. The fire destroyed dozens of pallets of wrapping paper and other products. More information

Feb 24
Shelton, CT - Aided by extinguishers and a sprinkler system, employees were able to caontain a fire that began in the welding shop area of a manufacturing plant until fire fighters arrived. Fire officials estimate the damages at $25,000. More information

Feb 23
Gulfport, MS - An anhydrous ammonia leak from a chemical plant forced the evacuation of 8 hotels in the area. More information

Feb 23
Matherville, IL - Three fire departments battled a fire that destroyed a factory that makes metal parts. A spokesman said the cause of the fire has not been determined. More information

Feb 23
Fire fighters spent hours dousing a blaze at a wood products plant only to have it flare up again hours later. More information

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