Empty Tank or Loaded Gun?

Oklahoma firefighters surprised by bullet tank explosion at asphalt plant fire

Sometimes the difference between a learning experience and a line-of-duty fatality is a split second. Limestone Fire Protection District Fire Capt. Don Boyle in Oklahoma escaped an explosion at an asphalt plant in October that came that close.

Even better, he has the GoPro video to illustrate his learning experience.

“When I turned around and ran I wasn’t running from the explosion,” Boyle said, referring to the video. He stood his ground when an explosion suddenly separated the end cap from a 3,000-gallon bullet tank and launched it nearly 80 feet straight up.

Boyle was only 40 yards away when the tank blew. His decision to run came when the end cap returned to earth on its edge and rolled toward him, he said.

“I was running from that lid,” Boyle said. “You can see that in the video if you look real close.”

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