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Junkin Inc
Sherry Hoke,
502-267-7287 P
Milnor Laundry Systems
Marketing & Sales,
504-467-9591 P
504-468-3094 F
The Hose Mule
Clint Baker,
(254) 857-8216 P
(254) 857-8216 F
Quaker Safety Products Corp
Peter K Nicholas, VP & General Manager
215-536-2991 X 209 P
215-538-2164 F
Task Force Tips
Tim Mc Garry, Graphics Manager
219-548-1029 P
219-548-4029 F
All Clear Fire Training and Consulting
Jim Powell, Owner
775-720-1990 P
Mark Pillow, Director, Sales - The Americas
(920) 593-9445 P
Global Training & Compliance, Inc.
Curtis Hooper, Owner
562-365-4694 P
562-691-0817 F
FSI North America
Mark Conron, President
440-949-2400 P
440-949-2900 F
ASSE International
Duane Huisken, VP Marketing
(708) 995-3019 P
(708) 479-6139 F
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P: (979) 690-7559
F: (979) 690-7562

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