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Chemical giant gives $100,000 to Houston-area fire departments for hazmat training
Services set for Saturday, January 14 at First Baptist Church in Bryan, TX
Simulated explosion serves as emergency drill at Proctor & Gamble in Louisiana
Corporate school concentrates on rapid rotation
Ohio refinery donates hazmat trailers to two nearby communities
Steel plant fire exacerbates equipment shortage for New York volunteers
IFW publisher David White to address 2017 dealers meeting in Florida
Gulf Coast oil refineries' accident risk on the rise
Company donates brush truck to Texas volunteer fire department
Ferrara brings big flow to Brayton Fire Training Field
Fire crew training exercise includes rescuing six people missing at a UK plant
Connecticut firefighters train at new power plant
OSHA cites ethanol refinery for a May 2016 fire that killed a pipefitter
Monsanto, Cargill donate grain bin rescue equipment to North Dakota fire department
Volunteer fire brigade at Nebraska manufacturing plant has been at the ready since 1969
PHMSA issues final orders with $732,100 in civil penalties to ONEOK
CSB deploying to site of chemical release in Atchison, KS
CSB releases final case study into 2013 explosion and fire at Williams Olefins in Geismar, LA
NC chemical explosion 10 years later: How it changed hazmat site regulations
Elkhart Brass' new EXM Magnum monitor made to fit industrial aerials
Industrial responders worldwide once again undertake annual summer pilgrimage to Texas fire school
Insurance firm releases latest version of driver training program
Cutting-edge size-up tool
New hood better blocks particulate hazard
Decon sized to fit the emergency
Personalized thermal imaging
Exhaust after-treatment device
New intermediary step in hose retrieval
The changing rules of infection control
Recapping the 2016 IRECA conference
Innovation: Necessity, ingenuity and invention
Pre-plan for your extinguishing system
Hazard identification and risk assessment
Storage tank boilover in Nicaragua dies unchallenged
New York firefighters to employ drones at major fires
San Francisco Fire Department gets its first new fire boat in 60 years.
New form of fire, inspired by bourbon, might help with oil spills
Still no official explanation for 2015 power plant explosion
City honors memory of three killed in chemical plant explosion
Service held to commemorate 100th anniversary of munitions factory blast
CSB deploys investigators to injury incident in Port Arthur
Document details continued gaps in key industry standard to prevent catastrophic accidents similar to the fatal 2010 Anacortes refinery explosion
XTREME returns to Texas A&M in June 2017
CSB releases final report on series of acid releases at a California refinery
Pump-crane-engine package makes water more accessible
Texas A&M fire school director played major role in saving devastated chemical complex
Plaque honors fatalities in 2001 chemical explosion
Chemical giant loses 2nd big court decision on toxic dumping
Retired fire chief and IFW "Red Adair" winner dies after recent stroke
International Safety Training Council hosts grand opening of new facility
New Orleans industrial fire school opens new classroom building April 1
Training for rescue operations
Firefighters in Rogers County, OK, thought the worst was over after two hours battling a tank battery fire. Then, with only a split second of warning, a 3,000-gallon bullet tank abruptly exploded.
Fire forces car maker to shutter Japan production for 6 days
Sentencing set for ex-execs in West Virginia chemical spill
Final CSB report cites gaps in safety practices, regulations and training
Tyco security and fire protection merges with auto parts giant
Dallas' 1st female paramedic publishes biography
Strict or precautionary
Playing fair is not critical in calculating foam application
Demonstration marries top-of-the-line Ferrara and US Fire Pump products
Multiple safety management deficiencies led to February 2015 refinery blast
Aerospace supplier fined $1.3 million over July 2015 factory explosion
Services scheduled in Deer Park, TX for TEEX guest instructor Ron Barker
Famed foam school for firefighters finds latest incarnation
Oxygen and fuel are readily available in hydrocarbon storage tanks. Only one more element is needed to complete the triangle of combustion.
New York allocates $1.5 million for memorial recognizing 1911 fire
China's grim history of industrial accidents
New Hampshire company fined $150,000 in connection with 2014 explosion
B.C. mill fined $56,000 over 2014 explosion that injured three
Canadian firm fined $150,000 in 2013 worker death
Company agrees on settlement of $52,000 OSHA fine
Federal agency investigating Torrance, CA, refinery explosion sets January public hearing
Owner of West, TX, fertilizer plant considered as plaintiff in upcoming explosion trials
Tianjin explosions costliest man-made disaster in Asian history
UK firms fined in 2010 factory deaths
Criminal charges filed in 2014 Sarnia, ON, plant explosion
Pipeline spill exercise held in Michigan
Video shows November chemical plant explosion in China
2nd wrongful death lawsuit filed against Alabama fireworks factory
Plan to curb Bay Area oil refinery emissions touted as toughest in nation
Chinese officials, workers sentenced in 2013 Qingdao blast
Seeping water caused radioactive dump blast in Nevada
Newsreel footage shows aftermath of 1930 chemical plant explosion in U.K.
California regulators cut antiterror spending for power plants
No corporate manslaughter charges after fatal 2011 refinery blast in U.K.
Washington refinery fined $77,000 for workplace health violation after toxic release
Construction halted near Montreal refinery as risk of explosion studied
Grand opening of new Refinery Terminal Fire Company station in Corpus Christi
Emergency protocol in Louisiana may have delayed rescue after October 2014 plant explosion
2 managers plead guilty in 2014 explosion at California plant
Chemical Safety Board prepares to fire managing director Daniel Horowitz
910 fire trucks recalled to fix wheel problem
Connecticut Supreme Court rules that workers not injured in 2010 power plant blast can not sue
Emergency crews participate in response test at nuclear power plant

Firefighters must replace $30,000 of turnout gear damaged battling industrial fire
Fire brigades often disregard ICS when working with other agencies
Canadian fire truck company shuts down suddenly
U.K. firefighters take part in factory fire training exercise
Car company faces $236.5 million loss from August 2015 explosions at China's Port of Tianjin
Georgia-Pacific grant program helps fund 45 fire departments nationwide
Industrial applications require carefully tailored equipment
Updating control systems need not mean discarding what is already in place
Shipping containers deserve serious pre-planning attention
Feds release report on February 2015 West Virginia crude train derailment and fire
Texas A&M conducts 53rd annual industrial fire school
Board to meet in Houston to consider recommendations in fatal 2014 LaPorte chemical release
Williams Fire & Hazard Control announces educational partnership with Texas A&M University
Lightning strikes blamed for refinery, tank fires along the Texas Gulf Coast
CSB uncovers flaws at an insecticide plant in La Porte, Texas, where four workers died
Information remains limited after massive explosions demolish the Chinese Port of Tianjin in August
Lawmakers seek probe of former Chemical Safety Board chief
Building the perfect team
Techniques for Identifying Unknown Materials
In March 2015, a hazmat emergency involving a shipping container shut down North America's third largest port facility
Owner of Bangladesh factory charged with murder in 2012 collapse that killed 1,130 workers
2nd arsonist sentenced in million dollar drilling rig assembly plant fire
Feds claim November 2014 plant fatalities in LaPorte, TX, lacked adequate protecion
With Florida biomass plant in turnaround, fire rescue simulates real life
Tuna plant managers charged with safety violations in 2012 worker fatality
CSB draft report into 2009 explosion and fire at Caribbean Petroleum Terminal Facility in Puerto Rico finds inadequate management of gasoline storage tank overfill hazard
Historic marker dedicated to 17 who died in 1963 packing plant explosion
Petroleum coke factory shelled 165 times
Tucson, AZ, firefighters to take over Raytheon missile plant fire station
NIOSH probe shows only one of two low-air alarms working in SCBA fatality
Head of Chemical Safety Board resigns under White House pressure
Oil price decline forces decision to delay planned 2015 conference
Early investigation points to scrubber in Torrance, CA, oil refinery explosion
White House taps transporation official to head Chemical Safety Board
Railroad adds new safety rules for crude oil trains
Competition provides chance to shine
Firefighter search and removal operations
Latest fiery derailment finds West Virginia firefighters up to the task
Terror can be a by-product of business
Federal report due this summer in Plymouth, WA, gas plant explosion
CSB releases technical analysis detailing 2010 zinc explosion and fire in Monaca,PA, that killed two operators, injured a third
Congressman calls for Chemical Safety Board officials to resign
Company fined $600,000 for not reporting Idaho chemical releases
Long-time TEEX summer school municipal instructor dead at 72.
Intense flames pierce night sky in Dubai
Chemical Safety Board reports no plans to dispatch investigators to Torrance, CA, refinery explosion
CSB drops 5-year probe into July 2009 Corpus Christi refinery fire
UK steel maker hit with penalties in April 2013 fire involving molten metal
Chemical Safety Board cuts investigations amid alleged mismanagement
Geismar, Louisiana, plant damaged in 2013 explosion resumes production
OSHA issues fines for 2013 bolt factory explosion that killed worker
OSHA fines freight line after 2014 explosion injures 4 workers
Worker charged in fire that destroyed Montana fiberglass plant
5 years after Kleen Energy blast, 'main actor' pays fraction of the $6.7 million fine
OSHA issues citations in 2014 fatality at Ohio auto parts plant
Safety flaws contributed to deadly chemical plant leak in LaPorte, TX
OSHA cites fireworks firm for 9 violations in August 2014 explosion
Pesticide shortage likely after factory's fatal chemical leak
Ink factory explosion illustrates need for new safety standards, senator says
OSHA fines 4 companies after fatal 2014 fish plant explosion in Mississippi
West Virginia alert system's flaws highlighted during January power plant emergency
Canadian fuel plant owner pleads guilty to six charges in October 2012 fire
CSB releases safety bulletin on 2010 anhydrous ammonia incident near Mobile, AL
Spate of U.S. refinery shutdowns may worsen crude woes
Competitors show how to work together
Hyperbaric therapy applied to wide range of illnesses and injury
Texas oil refinery takes annual refresher training
BP conducts fire school in Texas
Fall protection liability of tank owners
Shipboard fire fighting for industrial teams
Proper use of elevated master streams
CSB names poor design and failure to test dust collection system among causes of New Jersey flash fire that burned seven workers in 2012
Industrial gas company donates 5-story fire training tower to Greeneville, TN
Ford donates Expedition to replace emergency vehicle destroyed by fire
CSB dispatches investigators to probe fatal chemical plant leak in Texas
CSB releases new video detailing the 2010 Tesoro refinery explosion
IFW premieres 30-minute You Tube video detailing 2014 Texas A&M Industrial Fire School
Detectors and sensors in pre-planning
High risk factors in water tank incidents
Diesel engines powering fire protection water pumps are dying way too early
Water: Necessity regardless of the job
Building block approach to emergencies
OSHA considers new standards to protect responders
Cable management system eliminates cable tangle in industrial settings.
Transitional fire attack the PyroLance way
CSB issues warning against use of Methanol during laboratory and classroom combustion demonstrations
EPA targets flame retardant as potential health hazard
Chemical Safety Board probes fatal hot work accident in Moss Point, MS
Canadian transportation officials blame railway for safety issues in Quebec disaster
CSB releases analysis showing February 2014 release of sulfuric acid at California refinery resulted from inadequately tightened fitting
Lou Molino, IFW technical editor, dead at 49
Retired Chevron fire captain, training officer, dead at 61
Chemical Safety Board faults key device for 2010 Gulf oil spill
Power plant fire caused by mechanic error
Fertilizer storage facility burns in Athens, TX
Firefighters response to New Zealand factory fire criticized
London mayor liable for 2011 Sony warehouse arson
Criminal charges brought in 2013 Quebec rail explosion and fire
Steelmaker faces stiffer sentences in 2007 fatalities
OSHA cites refinery for explosion that killed operator
Feds issue report on deadly 2013 West, Texas fertilizer explosion
Industrial fire ruled accidental
Texas Forest Service assistant chief dead at age 44
IFW publisher David White honored with Red Adair Award during WFHC XTREME school
Baker adapts dumpsters as traveling LDH containers
Refinery investigation 'challenging,' but on track
Wyoming refinery faces $201,000 fine by state safety regulators
State considers safer storage of fertilizer involved in West, TX blast
Chemical Safety Board to hold public meeting April 22 on West, TX blast
Training for collapse operations
Protection of assets from wildland fires
The stretcher and its many incarnations
Furious anglers demand payout after UK fish deaths
Company blocked access to state regulators after fatal natural gas well fire in Pennsylvania
911 Safety offers services beyond cleaning and repair
CSB blames 2009 hydrogen blast at Utah refinery on corrosion
Lawyer pleads guilty to embezzlement in 2006 ink plant explosion
Combustible dust explosions prompt calls for more oversight
Maine fire chief testifies before Senate subcommittee on Quebec disaster
Central Indiana glass plant to pay record safety penalty
New Corpus Christi pumper represents three fire protection giants
New firefighters ready to protect Kemper County energy facilities
Texas A&M and ConocoPhillips host process safety symposium in Qatar
Trains revive Philadelphia refineries but present new risks
Ontario firefighters participate in chemical plant emergency drill
State investigating 2012 emergency at Louisiana chemical plant
International emergency response company specializes in industrial work
Corpus industrial firefighters announce construction of new fire station and administration building
Fire marshal suspects thermal heater or pump to blame for January fire
CSB announces public meeting in Anacortes, WA, to vote on final report into fatal 2010 refinery explosion
Company contributes $500,000 to Brayton Fire Training Field in Texas
CNN features a positive report on Georgia disaster training center
Freezing temperatures affect water tanks
Correct problems to prevent API tank failures
Texas emergency responders scope out Delaware County, PA, move
Canadian regulators say oil in train accident as volatile as gasoline
Industries face stricter regulation of flaring systems
Trailblazing female refinery firefighter led the way
Historic factory burns in Michigan
Union urges Philadelphia D.A. to charge factory owners in 2012 fire that killed two responders
Long Beach (CA) Fire Department's new rig fights fuel fires with foam
CSB investigation finds 2010 refinery fatal explosion resulted from “high temperature hydrogen attack” damage to heat exchanger
Carbohydrates replace fluorine as basis for new AFFF substitute
Automatic weather monitoring for industrial emergency responders
OSHA seeks cause of animal feed factory blast
Agency names 13 safety violations after fatal injury in Aurora, MO., last year
Feds propose new regulations to prevent next deadly chemical plant explosion
Derailment explosion devastates Canadian community of Lac-Mégantic
Une alternative aux AFFF utilise des hydrates de carbone au lieu du fluor
DOT issues warning about oil shipped from North Dakota, Montana
Neuartiger AFFF-Ersatz setzt auf Kohlehydrate statt Fluor
Un nuevo sustituto de AFFF utiliza hidratos de carbono en vez de flúor
Training for collapse operations
Preparedness - a shared responsibility
Violence in the EMS workplace
Judges say company improperly declared gas pipelines safe
Report blames welding for 2012 Gulf platform blast that killed 3
Five facilities similar to West fertilizer plant refuse inspection by Texas fire marshal
OSHA cites Montana refinery related to February 2013 emergency
Chemical Safety Board chair calls for regulatory coverage of reactive chemicals
Emergency response trainees engage in disaster simulation
EPA updates oil and gas standards for storage tanks
Canada revokes license of railway involved in Quebec disaster to operate outside U.S.
No evidence found linking ex-paramedic to West, TX fertilizer blast
Company agrees to pay $2 million for Richmond, CA refinery fire
Obama calls for improved chemical facility safety and security
OSHA announces new National Emphasis Program for occupational exposure to isocyanates
A town torn apart
Alabama fire school develops modern training techniques
Among Recipients for the Regents Fellow Service Award
Ohio plant destroyed by fire in 2011 will not rebuild
New telephone alert vendor sought by county after August 6 refinery fire fumble
2011 Canadian refinery explosion and fire began with corroded pipe

Despite recent blaze, California refinery's safety record is better than most


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