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Solberg's RE-HEALING flourine-free foam achieves FM approval certification

The Solberg Company, the world’s foremost innovator of firefighting foam concentrates and systems hardware, announces the company has achieved FM Approval on the company’s RE-HEALING™ RF3, three percent and ARCTIC™ 3x3 percent ATC™ foam concentrates. RE -HEALING Foam concentrate is a high performance fluorine-free foam concentrate for use on Class B hydrocarbon fuel fires.

RE-HEALING is also used to prevent re-ignition of a liquid spill and control hazardous vapors. The new FM Approval for RE-HEALING RF3, 3 percent foam includes bladder tanks, proportioners, foam chambers, foam makers and fire sprinklers.

The FM Approval with multiple standard automatic sprinklers includes RELIABLE F-1 upright and pendent style (5.6 and 8.0K-Factors), RELIABLE Model G upright and pendent style (5.6 and 8.0 K-Factors), and the RELIABLE upright G XLO (11.2K-Factor).

“Advances in foam technology have completed another revolution of the fire science world. We have passed from protein to fluorine containing foam in the 20th century to high performance non-halide containing RE-HEALING foam for the 21st century” explained Solberg’s General Manager Steve Hansen.

“All of the ingredients in RE-HEALING foam concentrates have been individually tested under the HOCNF protocol and are safe for use from the North Sea to the South Pacific. Every question that has been asked of RE-HEALING foam has been answered without a sacrifice in

Fire performance. From this generation of products we see a great beginning for the next generation of RE-HEALING Foams.”

RE-HEALING RF3, 3 percent foam concentrate is both UL Listed and FM Approved for use in automatic sprinkler systems at exactly the same application rates and sprinkler operating pressures as Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) concentrates. Equal system performance has been achieved with a completely fluorine-free concentrate that also happens to be high performance firefighting foam.

“This is yet another singular milestone for The Solberg Company, achieving the world’s only FM Approved foam concentrate that is completely free of all fluorine, whether called fluorosurfactant or fluoropolymer. As with Underwriters Laboratories, this is the direct result of the hard work and dedication of all Solberg employees around the world. Solberg now offers the world’s only truly fluorine free foam concentrate that is both UL Listed and FM Approved, backed up by the world’s only Foam Concentrate Environmental Warranty.” stated Dennis Kennedy, Executive Vice President of Amerex Corporation, the parent Company of Solberg.

In addition to the FM Approval on RE-HEALING RF3, Solberg also obtained FM Approval on

ARCTIC 3x3 percent ATC foam concentrate, for use with foam chambers, foam makers, and the same sprinklers as identified for RE-HEALING RF3.

ARCTIC foam concentrates are 2015 compliant to the U.S. EPA Stewardship Program on C6 fluorine chemistry.

Based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, with operations in Bergen, Norway and Sydney, Australia, Solberg (an Amerex Corporation company) has been involved with the manufacture of firefighting foams since the mid-1970s. Solberg’s unique technology and foam systems hardware is preferred by customers in the aerospace, aviation, chemical, defense, energy, fire services, marine, mining, oil and gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, pipeline, solvent & coatings and utilities industries.

Solberg is an Amerex Corporation company with a European heritage. The company is a globalone-stop resource for firefighting foam concentrates and custom-designed foam suppression systems hardware and accessories. Solberg offers environmentally sustainable fluorosurfactant and fluoropolymer – free foam concentrate products, an innovation in Class B firefighting foam and traditional firefighting foam concentrates. Solberg’s people and processes are committed to quality, service and safety along with environmental responsibility. This philosophy enables the company to flourish while delivering innovations and value.


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