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All-Terrain 6x6 ambulance offers extensive options

The MedStat All-Terrain 6x6 Ambulance features a fully enclosed, all aluminum patient compartment that secures a full size cot and seating for up to two attendants and a driver. The top speed is 42mph and can go into full 6x6 mode from the cab in seconds. The MedStat unit has three base models (MS 100, MS 250, and MS 500) that range from a basic entry level product up to a fully loaded high-end version. All these models come with an extensive list of options that gives the customer the flexibility to build the MedStat unit that best fits their needs.

The MedStat’s Applications are:

Emergency Support – Remote Search and Rescue, Shoreline Rescue, Urban Search, Inner City Rescue/Extraction

Event Support – Concerts, Stadiums, Racetracks, Sporting Events, College Campuses

Recreational Support – Beaches, Parks, Resorts, Golf Courses, Bike/Walking Trails

Industrial Support – Factories, Airports, Ship Yards, Construction Sites

Our most popular options are:

Air Conditioning/Heat (Driver and Patient Compartment)

4000 Watt Generator

4500lb Winch

Deep Cycle Battery System

Sirens and Additional Lights

Brush Guards

Underbody Storage Compartments


Run-Flat Tires

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P: (979) 690-7559
F: (979) 690-7562

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