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Solberg introduces RE-HEALING Foam Environmental Warranty

Green Bay, Wisconsin - The Solberg Company, the world’s foremost innovator of firefighting foam concentrates and systems hardware, has introduced an environmental warranty for RE-HEALING™ foam concentrates, the company’s innovative high performance fluorine-free firefighting foam.

Solberg will warrant to purchasers of RE-HEALING foam concentrate, that for twenty (20) years after the purchase, whether as part of a foam/water fire protection system or as foam concentrate only, the use of RE-HEALING foam will not be restricted in any way due to the presence of any organohalogens, whether in surfactants, polymers, or any other form. The environmental warranty also includes the provision that SOLBERG RE-HEALING foam concentrate will not be banned by any governmental entity or regulatory body for any of the following environmental issues:

- No Governmental restrictions related to the presence of fluorine

- No persistence in the environment

- No bioaccumulation


- No biodegradation into PFOS or PFOA

Should environmental regulations enacted after the purchase of SOLBERG RE-HEALING foam require removal of the RE-HEALING foam concentrate from the market for one of these environmental issues, Solberg will replace the RE-HEALING foam concentrate with a new foam concentrate that meets such newly enacted environmental regulations.

RE-HEALING foam concentrates are intended for use on Class B hydrocarbon and polar solvent fuel fires. Concentrates available include RF1 (1%), RF3 (3%), RF6 (6%) and RF3x6% ATC™ formulations. RE-HEALING foam concentrates can be used to prevent re-ignition of a liquid spill and control hazardous vapors. On Class A fuels, RE-HEALING foam will improve extinguishment in deep-seated fires.

- EN1568 Approved

- UL 162 Standard Listed

- ICAO Certified

- Superior Fire Performance

- Exceptional Burn-back Resistanceď‚· No Special Discharge Devices Required

- Replaces AFFF, FFFP, Protein and Fluoroprotein Foams

Based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, with operations in Bergen, Norway and Sydney, Australia, Solberg (an Amerex Corporation company) has been involved with the manufacture of firefighting foams since the mid-1970s. Solberg’s unique technology and foam systems hardware is preferred by customers in the aerospace, aviation, chemical, defense, energy, fire services, marine, mining, oil and gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, pipeline, solvent & coatings and utilities industries.

Solberg is an Amerex Corporation company with a European heritage. The company is a global one-stop resource for firefighting foam concentrates and custom-designed foam suppression systems hardware and accessories. Solberg offers environmentally sustainable fluorosurfactant and fluoropolymer-free foam concentrate products, an innovation in Class B firefighting foam and traditional firefighting foam concentrates. Solberg’s people and processes are committed to quality, service and safety along with environmental responsibility. This philosophy enables the company to flourish while delivering innovations and value. More information can be found at:

P: (979) 690-7559
F: (979) 690-7562

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