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OSHA awards Roco Rescue the VPP Star for identification and elimination of hazards

Roco Rescue has been awarded the Occupational Safety and Health Administration Voluntary Protection Program Star in recognition of our excellent safety history, practices and programs. Based on a cooperative relationship between management, labor and government, the VPP promotes worker protection, requiring active employee involvement and management's commitment. The VPP process emphasizes the continual identification and elimination of hazards beyond OSHA standards.

In a letter to Roco from OSHA Assistant Secretary David Michaels, he states:

“You have joined an elite group of organizations that provide exemplary occupational safety and health protection and serve as a model for others...”

To our knowledge, Roco is the first rescue training, equipment and safety services company in the United States to receive the OSHA VPP Star. Roco joins approximately 2,400 sites nationwide that are recognized by OSHA for achieving this status.

In September of 2012, an audit team from OSHA inspected the Roco corporate office, warehouse facilities and the Roco Training Center (RTC) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The team found that all elements of Roco’s Safety and Health Management Program met the rigorous guidelines for achieving VPP Star recognition.

Roco President/CEO Kay Goodwyn comments:

“It's a commitment our people make at every level. Being in the business of safety and rescue services, it is essential that every Roco team member engage in the utmost safety at all times. It takes a conscious effort on everyone's part, and we are extremely honored to be a part of this elite group.”


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