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Roco Rescue Challenge
Is your rescue team ready for the real thing?
Vol. 26 Summer

You can find out at Roco’s Rescue Challenge coming up on October 5-6 at the BEST Complex in Beaumont, TX. This event will provide the most realistic rescue experience possible in an open learning environment that is both fun and challenging. Teams will work through timed, real-world scenarios that will require them to perform under pressure – all while under the watchful eye of Roco’s lead instructors. Observers are also invited to check out the event and watch as the teams’ progress through multiple scenarios. (Pre-registration is required.)

Designed to document a team’s true rescue capabilities, Rescue Challenge will also give participants the chance to meet OSHA’s minimum practice requirements in one, two-day event. As the teams demonstrate their individual skills and teamwork abilities, they will size-up, preplan and execute simulated rescue operations in all six (6) Confined Space Types as referenced in OSHA 1910.146.  Each evolution will then be debriefed as Roco evaluators offer their input and suggestions. Challenge is all about making the teams better at what they do.

Participants in Roco’s Spring 2011 Rescue Challenge, held in March at the Roco Training Center in Baton Rouge, were enthusiastic about the benefits Challenge offers industrial rescue teams. Joey Ray, Exxon Plastics team leader commented, “This event serves as our annual performance evaluation, because here we get all 6 types of confined spaces. At the plant, we might just have one or two spaces available to train in.”

“Every year we learn something different,” says one team member of the Lion Oil Rescue Team from El Dorado, AR. “Challenge gives us an opportunity to build on what we already know in specific ‘rescue jobs’ (roles). We rotate in and out of jobs throughout the event, which helps us as a team because we know that any one of our team members can do any part of the rescue. Every time we come to Challenge, we learn new techniques to hopefully help us save lives in our refinery.”

Roco’s Fall 2011 Challenge will be held at the BEST Complex in Beaumont, TX, which has multiple industrial props designed to give a very realistic rescue experience. “It’s a great facility that will offer a wide array of ‘challenging’ scenarios,” says Dennis O’Connell, Roco’s Director of Training and Challenge Coordinator, with a mischievous gleam in his eyes. All we can say is, “Rescuers beware…you’d better be ready! Challenge will be fun, you will learn, and you will leave a better rescuer.”

In addition to Rescue Challenge, Roco and BEST have teamed up to deliver more rescue training options for industrial rescue teams and municipal departments in the Southeast Texas area. For 2012, we will be offering the above courses and events at the BEST Complex.


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