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Chemguard and Williams Fire & Hazard Control partner to advance fire fighting industry
Volume 25 Fall

Mansfield, Texas, August 31, 2010 -- Chemguard, a global leader in developing and manufacturing fire-fightinglogos foam concentrates and foam systems, has acquired Williams Fire & Hazard Control as a wholly owned subsidiary.  The acquisition – which combines Chemguard’s extensive R&D, manufacturing, and systems engineering experience with Williams’ unmatched expertise in flammable-liquid fire fighting – effectively integrates surfactant research, foam pump design, systems development, and fire-fighting technical expertise.  Together, Chemguard and Williams offer comprehensive products and services for industrial, petrochemical/energy, transportation/freight, military, municipal, offshore, and airport hangar applications.

In a joint announcement, Chemguard President Roger Bower and Dwight Williams of Williams Fire & Hazard Control noted the impact of the acquisition on the fire-fighting industry.  “The Chemguard-Williams partnership enables us to maximize the unique strengths of each of our companies, broadening the market base of both firms and enhancing our service to the industry.  Working together, Chemguard and Williams can serve the fire-fighting industry as the leading source of foam concentrates and foam application expertise, while also continuing to push the development of advanced foam concentrates.”

As privately held companies with decades of industry experience, Chemguard and Williams benefit from talented and dedicated, long-time employees with deep knowledge of fire-fighting technologies and applications.  The two firms will collaborate strategically to further enhance their strengths and build on their partnership.  Dwight Williams will continue to oversee the day-to-day activities of Williams, which will remain in Mauriceville, Texas. 

Reinforcing Their Strengths

For decades, both Chemguard and Williams have directly applied their experience in the field to product engineering, resulting in an extensive lineup of rugged and field-tested equipment that has shaped the industry. From Chemguard’s bladder tanks to Williams’ mobile remote-control monitors, Chemguard and Williams fire-fighting products have enhanced fire response efficiency, impact, and safety.

Both companies also have continually refined foam concentrate formulations to better match their products to the myriad of fire characteristics encountered in various fire settings. This dedication to improving performance has contributed both to success in the field and to personnel safety in the fire-fighting industry. 

William's job history stands alone in the industrial fire-fighting industry.  From process facilities to mines, pipelines, and rigs, Williams has honed its technical skills on severe industrial fire challenges – such as Williams’ 65-minute extinguishment of a 270-foot gasoline storage tank fire (the largest fully involved tank fire in the world).  Noteworthy Chemguard achievements include acquiring the Ciba Specialty Chemicals LodyneTM fluorosurfactants business and the resultant development and commercialization of specialty hydrocarbon surfactants and fluorochemical surfactants for fire-fighting foam agents and of a full line of fluorosurfactants for the coatings industry.

The partnership resulting from Chemguard’s acquisition of Williams permits the companies to build on each other’s successes and extend their capabilities.

Matching Styles, a History of Collaboration

Chemguard and Williams – both Texas-based companies with worldwide sales and service operations – are similar in operating style, their steady pursuit of excellence, and their commitment to customer service.  As privately held firms with decisive, hands-on leaders, Chemguard and Williams have been able to move quickly to meet changing industry needs, and neither company has shied from taking risks.   

Chemguard and Williams enjoy a history of collaboration, also.  In late 2009, Chemguard and Williams introduced an advanced alcohol-resistant aqueous film-forming foam (AR-AFFF), marketed as ThunderStorm F601B 1x3 and ThunderStorm F603B 3x3.  Developed in Chemguard’s R&D laboratory to Williams’ rigorous specifications, this “next-evolution” AR-AFFF foam concentrate exhibits significant improvements in effectiveness and efficiency and exceeds the highest performance standards in the industry.

The companies are committed to continued development of foam concentrates, fire-fighting equipment, fire-fighting systems, and emergency services.

For more information, please contact:


Williams Fire & Hazard Control


P: (979) 690-7559
F: (979) 690-7562

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