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Nevada FSA adds new fire prop
Volume 25 No. 4

A new flammable liquid, “live,” fire-training prop will soon be available for hand-line foam applications at the University of Nevada, Reno Fire Science Academy in Carlin. It will expand the training options available through the academy’s “gas plant” facility.

The new, ground-level prop will feature a “T” shaped design allowing controlled, repeatable scenarios to be executed. The contained area is approximately 120 square feet and will have several obstacles within

the containment area to make extinguishing the liquid spill fire more difficult.

With the addition of this prop, hand-line foam operations involving contained or uncontained spill fires as well as a 10 foot diameter vertical tank may be conducted. These may be conducted alone or in conjunction with pressure feed fires. The FSA’s gas plant prop represents a simulated refinery gas plant or crude oil unit with ancillary exchangers, piping, pumps and an adjacent storage tank.

The gas plant may be utilized by itself or in conjunction with the storage tank.  It is suggested that a minimum of two attack lines with an additional safety line be used to attack this prop.

The gas plant prop has 12 burnable valves and attack can be made from any angle.

Equipment available at this prop includes 1-3⁄4” hand lines, adjustable fog nozzles including pistol grip nozzles, and a 500 GPM stationary monitor.

A foam attack is optional on the open-roof storage tank.


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