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Dr. Sthamer-Hamburg
Foam maker launches fluorine-free brand
Volume 23, No. 6

Flourinated compounds, while effective in AFFF fire fighting, have been an environmental flashpoint for foam makers since early this decade. German-based Dr. Sthamer-Hamburg has introduced a new fluorine free alcohol resistant fire fighting foam specifically designed to answer the calls for environmentally friendly foams.

Moussol FF 3/6 can be used at a three percent induction rate for hydrocarbon and six percent for polar solvents. It has been certified to EN 1568 parts 1,3 and 4 with a rating of 1A/1B.

The product is based on special surface active agents, polymer film formers, co-surfactants as well as foam stabilizers and anti-freezing compounds, which are partially made of re-growing raw materials. A pseudoplastic product, Mous-sol FF 3/6 is sta-ble against both polar (water-miscible) and non-polar hydrocarbons as well as mixtures of the two.

Moussol FF 3/6 has good foaming properties and can be used as medium expansion foam as well. On polar hydrocarbons, the polymer film formed effectively prevents des-truction of the foam.

The foam is used with all mobile equipment and fixed foam systems for generating low and medium expansion foam, especially for fighting fires of foam-destroying products, e.g. alcohols, ketones and esters. The induction rate is three percent for fires of non-polar and six percent for fires of polar, foam-destroying hydrocarbons.

Spilled chemicals should be covered by foam to prevent emissions. The foam blanket suppresses the evaporation of the liquid and prevents a possible ignition. To achieve an optimal extinguishing success, fires of polar liquids should be extinguished by using gentle applications methods, e.g. goose necks.

Besides tap water, Moussol FF 3/6 can be used with sea and brackish water as well as with treated industrial water.

For immediate usage Moussol FF 3/6 can be mixed with other equivalent foam-ing agents, independent of the mixing ratio. Existing stocks of Moussol FF 3/6 must not be mix-ed with other products. Moussol FF 3/6 can be stored for long periods of time in the sealed original containers and in corrosion-resistant plastic or stainless steel tanks. High temperatures up to +50 degrees Celsius do not affect the quality; neither does temporary freezing at temperatures below the specified frost resistance limit.

Sthamer's products include Sthamex AFFF 1, 3 and 6 percent, Moussol APS Alcohol Resistant AFFF 1x3, 3x3 and 3x6 percent, Moussol APS LV (Low Viscosity) Alcohol Resistant AFFF 1x1, 1x3 and 3x3 percent, Foamousse Protein Foam 3 and 6 percent, Fluor-Foamousse Fluoro-Protein Foam 3 and 6 percent, Foamousse FFFP 3 percent and 6 percent and Foamousse FPPP-AR 3x6 percent foam concentrates, as well as specialist foams developed in partnership with our customers for special applications.

"We are the only company with a certified High Performance Low Viscosity 1x1," said Jan Knappert, international sales director for Dr. Sthamer.


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