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Dr. Sthamer-Hamberg
European 1x1 fire foam demonstrated
Volume 23. No 4

A demonstration of the effectiveness of German-made high performance, low viscosity fire fighting foam climaxed a day-long seminar on ethanol fire fighting during the 23rd annual Industrial Fire World Emergency Responder Conference & Exposition in Beaumont, TX, in May.

Dr. Sthamer – Hamburg demonstrated its latest product, Moussol APS LV 1x1, a state-of-the-art alcohol-resis-tant AFFF with an induction ratio of one percent for hydrocarbon fuels and one percent for polar solvents/al-cohols.

Dr. Sthamer- Ha-mburg foam was demonstrated against an 3x3 AR-AFFF from a major U.S. manufacturer.

A series of three test fires was ignited.

The first burn involved pouring 55 gallons of E85 into a large square pan. After a two minute pre-burn, the fire was at-tacked using a 15 gallon per minute (gpm) self-educt-ing, air aspirating nozzle and straight AFFF from the U.S. manufacturer.

The fire took 3½ minutes to extin-guish, said IFW president David White, who super-vised the test.

“There was some question about how much of the dilution factor entered the picture,” White said. “With no more fuel than we had, putting 15 gallons a minute on the fire for 3½ minutes dilutes it by at least 75 percent. Some people would tell us dilution had a large effect on the fire finally going out.”

The next fire addressed invol-ved 75 gallons of E85 poured into a special T-shaped pan. A 25 gpm med-ium expansion noz-zle fed by an inline 25 gpm eductor was used. The foam used was 3x3 AR-AFFF from the U.S. manufacturer.

“We tried for a gentle application by taking the foam and bouncing it off an angle plate that we put at the side of the pit,” White said. “We got control of the fire in about three min-utes.”

The AR-AFFF failed to form a polymeric membrane in either of the early test fires.

The third fire involved a four-foot square pan contain-ing about 40 gal-lons of E85. After a two minute pre-burn, firefighters applied Moussol APS LV 1x1 sprayed onto a metal backstop to gently flow the foam onto the surface. The firefighters used an eight gpm low expansion nozzle.

“About 28 seconds was the extinguishing time,” David White said following total extinguishment. “Now that’s impressive.”

Moussol APS LV 1x1 is low viscous and formulated without any polymeric membrane forming agents.

“The foam is designed in such a way that it does not use the polysaccharides used in conventional AR foams presently available in the U.S.,” White said.

Jan Knappert, international sales director for Dr. Sthamer-Hamburg, said the foam is presently undergoing Underwriters Laboratory review and will soon be available in the U.S.


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