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Honeywell X-Series - MSAA's Firehawk M7 Responder - DRAEGER FRT 1000
Volume 23, No. 3

Honeywell X-Series

Honeywell Analytics announces a new detection-calibration kit -- complete with the MicroDock II Test-Calibration Docking System. It offers customers and prospects a way to experience first-hand the company's new X-Series line of durable, easy-to-use portable gas detection instrumentation, which has the capability of protecting an entire crew from toxic and combustible gas hazards.

Honeywell Analytics offers a wide range of gas detection devices to suit all types of applications and industries. For more information about our products and services, visit?, e-mail or call toll-free 1 800 538-0363.

MSA's Firehawk M7 Responder

MSA's new FireHawk? M7 Responder Air Mask represents versatile SCBA protection that can quickly be transformed into a CBRN air-purifying respirator (APR) or a CBRN powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR). Just open or close the SCBA cylinder valve to convert to another mode--as your job changes from first response and rescue to scene management and remediation activities.This practical emergency respiratory protection system meets/exceeds the latest requirements of NFPA and NIOSH standards.

In keeping with NFPA-2007 requirements, the FireHawk M7 Responder Air Mask includes:

Patent-pending M7 PASS alarm designed to perform above the required 95 decibels at 500?F, with highly reliable accelerometer motion sensor.

? Electronics encased within high-temperature impact-grade polymer with hermetic sealing provide the highest protection against impact and water.

For more information, contact MSA at 1-877.MSA-FIRE or visit the MSA website at


Leading global safety equipment manufacturer Draeger Safety is introducing a new line of life-saving products for tracking downed firefighters.

The company has entered into an exclusive manufacturing and supply agreement with Exit Technologies of Boulder Colorado, original developer of the Tracker FRT (Firefighter Rescue Transceiver) and ET (Egress Transmitter). The products were introduced this month at FDIC 2008 under the names Draeger FRT 1000 and Draeger ETR 1000.

The Draeger FRT 1000 is a low-frequency 457 kHz radio transmitter and receiver both contained in the same handheld unit. It is worn on the SCBA belt during fireground operations in conjunction with an integrated or stand-alone PASS device. When the firefighter stops moving for 60 seconds, it sends an electromagnetic distress signal that can be tracked by others on the fireground that are also wearing a Draeger FRT 1000. The signal transmission can also be activated manually by the distressed firefighter while issuing a Mayday.

For more information, contact product manager Greg Sesny at (412)788-5650.


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