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Company designs blast-resistant modules for the refining & petrochemical industries
Volume 23, No. 3

MBI, a world leader in designing and manufacturing modular steel blast resistant buildings and complexes, in cooperation with world-renowned engineering firms and experts in the field of, 'design of structures to resist blast loading,' has produced Petroblast 5.0 and Petroblast 8.0 blast-resistant modules.

In doing so, MBI provides the optimal permanent building solution for API Recommended Practice 752. RP 752 has prompted many safety engineers to relocate substandard buildings outside the process areas. Due to poor logistics, operation changes can significantly increase expenditures caused by overruns and time delays. MBI's Blast Resistant Buildings have proven to be a viable solution for providing the safest enclosure for your employees and equipment. In turn, blast resistant buildings allow your operations to move back into process areas, cutting down on inefficiencies and unwarranted costs.

MBI's blast resistant buildings can be acquired for permanent applications, or can be leased for turn-around projects.


At MBI we are accustomed to an extensive range of applications, which allows us to be better equipped to satisfy your needs. A few options that you have on the blast resistant Petroblast buildings are:

  • Any blast resistant rating from 1 psi. to 25 psi is feasible
  • Standard Designed blast resistant buildings (Petroblast 5.0 & 8.0)
  • Custom layouts/Construction
  • Multi-module blast resistant complexes
  • Stackable (two-level designs)
  • Custom furnishings and equipment
  • Electronically classified equipment
  • Positive Pressurization
  • Fire and Gas detection
  • Communications cabling
  • Architectural exterior finishing

Every Petroblast building comes with the required Manufacturer's Data Report, per OSHA's National Emphasis Program and the PSM Mechanical Integrity standard. For more information, contact Petroblast at (337) 735-9245 or visit


P: (979) 690-7559
F: (979) 690-7562

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