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Training Facilities Hit By Rita
Beaumont Fire School Suffers Minor Damage
Vol. 20 No. 6

The following is a letter written by Russell Melancon Jr., CAE, President & CEO of Industrial Safety Training Council:

As most of you know, ISTC has moved our training operation from the Nederland location to the Beaumont Emergency Services Training Complex (old Beaumont Fire Training grounds) in Beaumont due to the extensive damage to our facilities in Nederland.

The Beaumont location has served us well, however, we know it is inconvenient for our customers as well as for the ISTC organization. We are providing the training in what we call a "group CBT" format, which requires an instructor for each of our 50+ site orientations. It has been quite a challenge for the organization as well as for our customers. I appreciate your patience & understanding of the revised training schedule during the past couple of weeks and ask that you please bear with us for about another week.

Our plan is to be back in operation in temporary training trailers located in the parking lot in the rear of the ISTC Nederland location by November 14th at the latest. Currently, three double wide training trailers are being set up, with an office trailer being delivered today and set up by Tuesday, Nov. 2nd. We will be moving all of our computers and work stations from the Nederland training building to the temporary training trailers over the next week or so, and if all goes as planned, will be back in operation with all Basic Plus and CBT courses being provided under the normal schedule.

Work on the ISTC Nederland buildings should begin on November 9th, with an anticipated completion date for the training building of December 20th. Once completed, we will move all computers and workstations back in to the regular training building, and should be back in operation by January 2nd, 2006. The Administration building, which sustained more damage than the training building should be back in operation by the end of January, 2006. The later date for the admin building will not affect the delivery of our courses in the training buildings.

The BEST Complex Emergency Training school is back in service for all types of Emergency Response Training. The ISTC Baytown location received no damage and is operating under normal circumstances.

Again, we appreciate your patience and understanding during these inconvenient times, and look forward to getting back in our normal routine as soon as possible. If you have any question, comments or suggestions, please drop me an email or phone call at 409-724-2565 ext. 105. Please forward this message as appropriate within your organizations.

For further updates visit and Russell Melancon Jr. can be reached at


P: (979) 690-7559
F: (979) 690-7562

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