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Ferrara Sends Fire Trucks Overseas
Vol. 20 No. 5

A fleet of five new emergency vehicles - two pumpers, one aerial, one foam tender and one rescue response vehicle - recently shipped to China by Ferrara Fire Apparatus stands as testament to what the company's capabilities are in dealing with industrial fire requirements, said Ferrara president Chris Ferrara.

"It is a breakthrough," Ferrara said. "However, we've built many fire trucks for a lot of different refineries all across the country and overseas. We have plenty of trucks around in the industrial market. I think we may be one of the best kept secrets around."

The new vehicles are headed to the Guang-dong province in Southeast China. Equipment aboard each truck includes the Williams Fire & Hazard Control HotShot II system. But that is not all that makes Ferrara trucks a good buy for industry, Ferrara said.

"The trucks that we manufacture are the heaviest products out there in terms of body material and strength," Ferrara said. "We set ourselves apart from a lot of the manufacturers that way."

Along with strength, Ferrara takes pride in design. The Inferno cab has the best visibility of any design on the market today, Ferrara said.

"We use bumper backing plates for safety protection around the front bumper area," Ferrara said. "We also offer our independent front suspension as an optional feature for driveability and better comfort ride."

That design is not set in stone, either. Industrial clients appreciate that Ferrara is one of the few custom fire truck builders left operating today, Ferrara said.

"If people want a special sized compartment or fire body we can design it from the ground up to fit their needs," Ferrara said. "As we all know, different industrial applications take different features and benefits. We meet all their requirements as far as size and shape that they're looking for because we are still a true custom builder."

The most revolutionary fire fighting vehicle in the Ferrara product line has been the Strong Arm, unveiled in 2004 in a joint venture with Gradall, the world-wide leader in the manufacturing of rugged, heavy duty, powerful and versatile industrial telescopic hydraulic excavators.

"This aerial device application flows up to 1,500 g.p.m. of water through the nozzle," Ferrara said. "In addition to that it has foam capability through the nozzle, plus dry chemical capability through the nozzle."

The device is ideally suited for a wide variety of roof, window or wall ventilation applications. Regardless of pitch, angle, materials or conditions, the Strong Arm is poised and ready. Add to this arsenal a 5th Man piercing head capable of penetrating a 6 inch solid concrete structure to quickly access the interior and extinguish the fire source.

"If you're going into a control room through metal doors or even a metal wall, this product can create its own door, so to speak," Ferrara said. "Typically, a municipal or industrial fire department has to take the K12 saw off the truck to cut with an abrasion wheel. This gives you instant access to any structure, any building or concrete facade."

The 1,000 gpm ultra heavy duty piercing nozzle is fabricated of stainless steel for heavy duty continuous use in brutal environments. It features a fortified hardened piercing tool at the tip for pinpoint accuracy combined with compelling force during safe, effective roof or wall ventilation.

Ferrara Fire Apparatus in Holden, LA, will hold an open house plant tour on Tuesday, March 28, 2006, in conjunction with the 21st annual Industrial Fire World Conference & Exposition to be held in Baton Rouge.o


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